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Morenike Ojo


What a man!

"I am your Father and I don't raise disrespectful children!" - July 1998.  That was Pastor Tayo telling me off for being a stubborn teenager.  That was the first and last time he ever had to tell me off.  His guidance and tutelage for more than half of my life have been priceless and I have valued greatly.  Dad was keen to show me how to live and he demonstrated it with every beat of his heart. Vivacious in life, magnanimous in death, through and through he was an example par excellence.

Dad was a distinguished gentleman, always held the door open for ladies.  He was a respected statesman, his advice and counsel was widely sought after in Christian and secular circles.  He paid attention to the small details, always called a waiter or an air hostess by name.  He was a funny and captivating story teller, told stories of his youth and his travels with so much flare.  He had such a zest for life, stopped to smell the flowers and identified them by name in their dozens.  He was debonair,  tie rightly knotted, belt buckle centralised, shoes polished, never a strand of hair out of place.  He had style, wit and pizzazz.  He was ever so selfless, lifting up to God the petitions of others despite his own.  He was a man after God's own heart, he worshipped God with his talents, his praise, his all.  He was the people's Pastor, he poured out his life, withholding nothing, even when it cost him everything.  What a man!

My loss is great, I miss you terribly but my heart is full.  Full of gratitude to God that you were a huge part of my life, full of countless memories of times we spent together, and full of expectation that I will see you again on the right hand side of the Almighty.  Dad, I promised you that I will make you proud and by your God I will.

Mummy and Daddy are grateful to God, that you made their job easy.  You will forever be in their hearts and mine.

I love you with all my heart,

Morenike Ojo





Alero Jackson

 My very first encounter with him was a message I heard on a very old tape recorder titled “Get out of your box!” Something about this man’s conviction and audacity wanted me to just jump and live out my dreams. Little did I know that in less than a couple of years after that I will be serving him in the capacity of an amour bearer; and even more the privilege of being his daughter.

In the past 10 years of service to him I have experienced the Emmanuel Factor just by watching him go for it. By him doing his part, I was also able to do my part well. He made it easy.

Dad lived for God and God’s people completely. I watched a man whose life taught me about the excellence and the magnitude of God, which must be expressed in every area of life. His very posture in life reflects the glory, the beauty and the opulence of God. He was humble and gracious.

He was a great leader with a great gift of effective communication. He speaks much more even now that he is not here. Suddenly everything is making more sense. 

 He was a great father and friend. I loved him dearly and he was very proud and fond of me too, his Aloe Vera. He was a prankster and full of mischief were I was concerned and sometimes just to get me he will disclose my little embarrassing situations on the pulpit while preaching just to get me to break my “hard girl” image. I told him once, “Dad you are messing up my street cred!” He wanted people to know that I too was a jester like him. Watching him with my son is just brilliant, they communicate like comrades. While we were busy sorting things round the house, he will sit with Joshua (Sunday afternoon was their time) and have serious conversations, watch comedy central or any movie of their choice, analyse every bit of information that comes through and sometimes even do homework. 

We laughed together, cried together prayed together and believed together. His passing has been hard to bear, but I know it won’t hurt after a while. He will be greatly missed, but the thought of his current heavenly experience is a great comfort.


Alero Jackson



 Dear Pastor Tayo, 

                we will all miss you so much, and in so many ways;  your warmth, your love, your humor and your humanity; your clarity of thought; your sharpness of vision; your focus on excellence; your knowledge of the will and of the word of God; and especially your anointing of the Holy Spirit in the way in which you brought the word.  

The Most High God entrusted His word to you and placed it in your heart; and you poured out your heart to us with love, with wisdom, with clarity and with divine revelation and discernment. We who have been blessed to sit under your teaching of the word, with it’s visionary insight and practical application, will go forward in your legacy of excellence and inspiration.


David Chick – Reach and Touch.


 David Chick







What a man!!


You lived your life with a mission and sense of purpose.

Excellence showed in everything you did, you taught us that only our best was good enough for God.

Every time you stood on the pulpit to bring the counsel of God you did it in such a way that it was practical and we could relate it to every day living.

We are proud to have had the opportunity to be part of what you were called to do on this side of eternity and thank God for your life. You ran your race exceptionally well and left us such a wonderful legacy, we continue from where you left. Your last instruction was to Go Forward and Forward we will Go.

You are in a much better place now. Continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus


Goodnight Pastor Tayo.


Dayo, Yewande, Ayomide & Ayomikun Ajakaiye

 Dayo Ajaiajke




For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom the family in heaven and earth is named.

Pastor Tayo, you've gone ahead to join the family in Heaven, so that when it is time for us to come over, we will have a familiar face to meet us on arrival.

You have gone to see the face of your Lord and Saviour whose love brought tears to your eyes whenever you worship Him, your devotion and consecration were unparalleled.

Your ability to speak individually into over 2000 lives through a single Sermon on a Sunday is amazing; our lives cannot remain the same because of these inspiring messages.

The preparation of your messages was extraordinary, the delivery and presentation were excellent and next to none, you preached every message with so much passion and gusto to ensure that we fulfill our God -given destiny.

Your messages were life transforming; your passion was igniting, your devotion contagious, your love sincere, and your rebuke rightly channelled. Your life is worthy of emulating.

You preached a message on financial management in 2008, where you stated, "If you are in a hole, stop digging!" The message marked a turnaround in my family's financial situation.

I will forever be thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to know you and also serve Him under your ministry.

Deji Oke


Deji Oke





We first met Dr Tayo Adeyemi in 1987/88 as a junior doctor when he came for his House Officer's Job at the Ogun State University Teaching Hospital, Shagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria. Little did we know he would later become our brother in-law.

He was a very dedicated and promising young doctor. We would not have been surprised if he had become one of the top Consultants in Neurosurgery or General Surgery, but God created him for a purpose, hence God's assignment for him was different.

God had used medicine to show him that doctor’s care, but ONLY GOD HEALS. Dr Tayo Adeyemi obeyed the God calling on his life and made the right choice by being a SPIRITUAL Healer rather than a practising PHYSICIAN. He carried out the Spiritual Assignment very well. God gave him the Word, as a counsellor and a teacher which made him stand out in his generation.

Dr Tayo was more like a brother to us than an in-law. A humble man to the core, generous to a fault and, above all, a God fearing person who had not only impacted lives spiritually but also physically. He demonstrated a kind heart by counselling young ones behind him within the family. In fact, Dr Tayo acted more maturely than his age. He was a father in the house. It is not how long but how well a life is lived. He will be missed dearly.

Dr Tayo set a good and high standard in both spiritual and physical work, and a good legacy to follow. Even with the last breathe in him, he still served the Lord. A life well spent in Christ and our prayers go to his family, his wife, his sons and the entire members of New Wine Church. Heaven has gained a warrior.

May the gentle soul of Dr Adetayo Adetokunbo Adeyemi rest in perfect peace until we meet to part no more.




 Dr  Mrs Bakare




TRIBUTE to Pastor Tayo


Elaine Mattos
Cedar Club
New Wine Church


On behalf of Cedar Club I’ll begin by saying our heart is filled with pleasant memories of Pastor Tayo our spiritual Father, Teacher, Mentor & Motivator.
Thank you so much for the teaching you have given us and sharing your life with us only heaven can put a price on what you have deposited in us, you were God Masterpiece to our generation, your generation and your children generation.
Pastor you took the time that God gave you not just to learn His principles for yourself only but to teach them to us thus given us ”the pattern for living”. Your teaching was not just on a spiritual level but was also on a temporal level.
Pastor you always motivate us by giving us praise never afraid to speak about us wherever you go, you have taught us that whatever we do in life we should strive do it with a spirit of excellency.
Thank you for encouraging us (seniors) to plant the word of God in our heart that even in old age we can still be fruitful.
Rest in peace Pastor our father of excellence rest assured your legacy will live on through us & generation to come.


Elaine Mattos


A Tribute to My Pastor Tayo Adeyemi


Today, I am an Author, a Mentor, and a Speaker because of your obedience and your teaching. You raised me up by God’s grace, today I can stand on my own two feet, through your leadership. You empowered me and encouraged me to fulfil my destiny (You taught me that God would turn my mess into a message) You taught me that serving God was a privilege; I am honoured to have served under your leadership over the past 10 years, you were truly, a gift to us sent by God.
In my grief when our daughter’s life was taken at a tender age, like a father you were there through thick and thin, even when we did the memorial, you were there for us, in our pain encouraging us to look unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our Faith.
In celebration you were there! You have impacted my family, my extended family & friends, the entire world. Pastor Tayo, I will not forget you. I will make you proud by picking up the baton and by GOING FORWARD, to the four corners of the world to all whom I have been called to! Rest in Peace Pastor Tayo


Fike Jackson




Fike Jackson





Our wonderful Pastor Tayo, your inspirational teachings continue to change every area of our lives. You had a calm and good nature which we admired since we knew you 23 years ago. Your choice of words make people think deeply and solution comes from those words. Sometimes it would be just a simple polite question from you that will make someone think and solve the issue. You made people feel at peace even in the midst of storm. Though you left us at a young age, yet you achieved more. You ran the race and finished well. We are so blessed to have known you and to have sat under your ministry.
Now we can understand your focus, tenacity and purpose driven life because you were running against time. I sometime feel you had the hindsight, just like a father will prepare his children, you made sure you prepared us for the journey ahead. You charged us to GO FORWARD. You spoke to us about building a legacy having left a legacy for generation to come. You are truly the unforgettable servant who made God famous all the way.
We will miss you greatly. You are one in ten million. Rest in God’s bosom great Man of God. It feels difficult to say. Good Night and Sleep well.
Adieu Pastor T.


Jide and Motunde Olaleye




jide Olaleye



Tribute in honour of Pastor Tayo

My first encounter with the ministry of Pastor Tayo and New Wine Church was 8yrs ago. I attended a service to hear the London Community Gospel Choir minister and heard a message by Pastor Tayo. I was mesmerised by his knowledge and his delivery of the word, in that short space of time it was clear to see the love he had for people. I had worked with many great men in the secular music industry, people like Simon Cowell for example but now here I was feeling very privileged to be hearing the word from Pastor Tayo a man of equal stature. I also remember the choir ministering Pastor T introduced them as the “Phenomenal and Sensational New Wine choir” having heard the choir I thought Pastor T was definitely not hearing what I was hearing but thought no more about it.
Having had that first visit to New Wine I would often watch the Maximise life TV series. Little did I know what God had in store for me the seed had been planted. In August 2008 I got a phone call from the music minister from Lakewood church who prayed for me, he prayed that God would place me in a church where I would feel at home; as he prayed I remember looking at the phone thinking why is he praying this pray I’m happy where I am. In September Muyiwa of Riversongz called me to say that he had put my name forward as New Wine was looking to recruit a music director. I thought Pastor Tayo was great the choir NO WAY…God really had a good sense of humour.
Four years on I am happy to say that I am the music director at an amazing church and an amazing team (NWMM).
Pastor T on behalf of NWMM we love you and you are and will always be Phenomenal and Sensational.



IMG 2348-a






I see the world more clearly now
With pure grace I humbly bow
You always set your face like flint
You never seemed to miss a beat
No compromise
No guilt in life
The Lord's praise on your lips
You did not bow to life's demand
Your life showed me the way
The sound of heavens triumpet sound
Will help my heart to heal
Your mantle dropped
I won't be stopped
From running my own race
Until that day when I see your face
Oh my soul rejoice
I understood in part before
But now I know in full
Through your eyes of steel I see
Your life, your strength, your song






Lola Sarah Odofin

Words may not be able to adequately describe the impact you have made on us. From the very day Lagos office came to being, it was a concept of transforming lives. Your vision and passion was to see everyone maximize their potentials and we are grateful that you released yourself as a worthy instrument. Calls made to us during your life time and beyond, through teachings from TV broadcast, Next Level Conferences in Lagos and Port Harcourt, ministry at other churches across Nigeria attests to the unique impact of your ministry.

You were a man of vision and focus, a man of strength, a coach and trainer - someone who was proud of his staff. You did not relate to us as only a CEO but also a Pastor and Father – down to earth. A man of excellence - everything has to be done excellently. If it is not excellent then it’s not us. You instilled DISCIPLINE, COURAGE AND EXCELLENCE in us. You oozed out positive influence without even saying a word. Sometimes seeing you was just enough.

 A giver per excellence, your relationship transcends the official. You not only knew the names of our spouses, you met them and even gave gifts to our children. You would always want to know how we fared. You pat us in on back when we do well and encourage us to do more even when we slack a little.

Dear Dr Tayo, you came, you saw, and you conquered leaving a legacy that would last a life time. You lived true to your teaching. You challenged us to live life full and you did! Your impact as you walked through this planet are immeasurable; yours was a life of total surrender to God and service to humanity. You are God’s general, world class Teacher, you impacted us greatly.

Each time we looked at your pictures with us, your vibrancy and words jump at us as ever, so tangible. YOU DIDN’T DIE, GREAT MEN DON’T!

Oh Death where is your sting, Oh Hades, where is your power! Death is swallowed up in victory. HALLELUJAH!

We give God praise for you.


We will miss you Dr Tayo, we will miss you! Rest on God’s General.


New Wine International, Nigeria

Lagos office





Tribute to Dr. Tayo Adeyemi
From, New Wine International South Africa


Our CEO/Pastor
Dr. Tayo Adeyemi, our C.E.O, our Pastor and our Spiritual father. A man of excellence, you have taught us excellence and how to maximise our life. Your great love for God was an inspiration to us. You had a drive and ability to motivate others to be great. You have inspired us to always be the best we can be for God and achieve our God given goals. You were so full of life and always made life look very interesting. We will remember you for your wonderful sense of humour.
Our Mentor
A great mentor and an inspiring leader, your life was an epitome of your teachings. You had a unique way of getting one’s attention and passing the message across. One of the best teachers that ever lived; we have learnt a lot from your teachings and we are grateful to have had a great teacher and mentor like you.
A gift to the world
You were not only a gift to New Wine but to the world. As an organisation, we are grateful to God for giving us the privilege of being part of this great work the Lord began through you. You are greatly loved in South Africa and other parts of Africa by viewers of your TV program, ‘Maximise life’ which has been a blessing to multitudes of souls in the nations. We pray that we may continue to emulate you and carry on where you have left from in Jesus name.
You are truly missed…


newwine SA



To an Unforgettable Servant…
I remember stepping up the stage to receive my gift (Believers College Graduation) and you smiled and said to me “I am so proud of you”. I will never forget that or the first time you called my name 10 years ago, I turned around in shock and you laughed at my reaction saying “you think I don’t know your name”… a true shepherd you were…
It’s those good times I choose to remember, those evenings you sat with us at single and sound meetings imparting life to us so informal yet so profound, the boat cruises oh your funny Stevie Wonder act – sunglasses, head shaking and all… haha.
How can I forget teaching us to speak manglish and feminese! Taking time to invest your life in ours, in every way possible.
Mary Mary summed you up nicely as “the pastor that is more a member of the church than the pastor”… a true reflection of your humility…
Saying you will be missed is an understatement. I am a better person because of you. Mere words can never console us, but I thank God for the Holy Spirit our comforter – we need you more now to wrap us in the comfort of your love.
Adieu! My Pastor, mentor, teacher an embodiment of excellence, integrity, passion, humility and meekness. Our loss is heavens gain.
See you on resurrection morning Pastor T.


Nneka Morah


nneka morah



I am honored to say a few words about my Big Brother Pastor Tayo Adeyemi. He was a cheerful, fun-loving person, who was full of life. His smile could light up a room and it was infectious. He made everyone around him happy. Whatever it was, his teaching, a funny joke, his positive attitude, or his big smile, he was delight to be around. I started to joined them last February 29, 2012 as Caregiver and I'm so blessed to serve Pastor Tayo and Liza they are incredibly generous and welcome me into their home. I owe a lot to them. For more than a year serving them, I tried to keep myself and give them the privacy that they deserved. However, sometimes I spent my time with them, chatting about life and the words of God join in on their religious parties, cooking, etc. I appreciate how he treated me just like a little sister even does I'm a little bit older. I will always be thankful for everything that his wife Liza, daughter Danielle and he did for me.
When I spend my vacation in the Philippines, me and my family always talked and pray for him. We discussed the good deeds he has done in the Church, community and the people. We always pray for him and hoping that he can survive the illness that he suffered and get well soon, so that he can continue his mission in this world, to teach and spread the words of God. But life has an end. During the time of our grief, I was asked not to leave and assist Danielle during her pregnancy period. I said yes, I will, I do the best thing that I can do. But time comes to leave and continue my life and follow my dreams for my family. Working with Pastor Tayo was an incredible opportunity to get to know him better and I am thankful I had that time with him before he passed away Pastor Tayo was an incredibly intelligent, generous, religious and giving person. I feel honored to care for him and will never forget him. He will be my model for living my life. Farewell my Big Brother and God bless.



Nora A De Leon

Care Giver




nora de leon



Pastor Tayo represented and lived out the type of Christianity that we should all aspire to: He was refreshingly down-to-earth and unpretentious, with a passionate love for life, an infectious passion for the Kingdom of God and a genuine love for God’s people.

He possessed an uncommon understanding of the human condition, its frailties, complexities and idiosyncrasies. When he preached therefore, he was incredibly effective and indeed unforgettable, as it was clear that he understood people; with a simple turn of phrase, he could speak to the deepest unarticulated thoughts, questions and concerns.

Borne of that understanding of the human condition was his ability to make genuine connections with people, making them feel important, special and validated. With him, being ‘valued and not numbered’ was a not simply a slogan, it summarised the actual approach he adopted with people on a day-to-day basis. Despite an impossibly busy schedule, the details of your life were important to him: emails were responded to, birthdays were remembered, thank you notes were sent and appreciation and encouragement was readily given; he was a people person in every sense.

There are very few people whom, having heard his teachings and his ability to unfold some of the deepest complexities of the word of God with such simplicity, would not be struck by the extent of his intellectual agility and ability to communicate. He was at the same time a man of great humility, being willing to share examples of when he had struggled or fallen short, and readily acknowledging when he did not know the answers to questions or was unsure.

You stepped off the stage before I got to tell you that your expression of Christianity rescued me from cynicism and changed the course of my life; I will always be indebted to you.



Remi Gberbo



A man is born , a legacy begins
A dream conceived , purpose within

A passion explodes, a vision pursued
A destiny ignites, power renewed

A soldier enlisted, a war reviewed
His mission, often daily renewed

His aim, every day improved
His vision, solid, focused, unmoved

A man stands, his passion relentless
His goal, and sacrifice ceaseless

His faith, persistent
His position, insistent
His life, a statement
His battle, valiant

A man fights, his effort, tireless
His enemy, a coward, faceless
His spirit, true boldness
His God, blameless

A man sleeps, his labour deceased
From the struggle, released
His breath, at present ceased
His legacy, now UNLEASHED!

Thank you for everything! It would take too long to say it all. Your legacy remains strong and your passion for people and excellence was seen and felt, from far and wide all over the world. We were privileged to have you in our lives. Thank you for being there for us. It was short but it was a special time
The Olatunduns,


Uncle Tee, Good Night , see you later.
Love, MJI & MJII ( and teddy)
Ages 5 & 6




In the late nineteen eighties when the fruits of Luis Palau’s crusades to the UK started to manifest; I accompanied a man of God across England and Wales on mission trips. During those trips God showed me vast and wide green pastures that needed shepherds to populate them. The pastureland needed a new breed of sheep and difference making shepherds with fame following their mission.

My first encounter with the ministry of Dr Tayo Adeyemi in July 1999 reordered my perception about the kingdom of God and fame. His ministry testified that fame makes God known and edifies God’s people. It incites people to seek and praise the faithful and compassionate God.

Dr Tayo possessed certain erudite qualities that made him and his ministry irresistible.
Firstly, he was sure of his calling and was determined not to compromise but to walk with God in the business of building people up in order to fulfill their destiny.

Secondly he was passionate and intentional in the presentation of his personality; and messages which were designed to change lives. This required many hours of research coupled with fervent prayers and the lead of the Holy Spirit. No wonder his messages were perfectly structured, motivational, inspirational and filled with humour; bringing the desired results.

Thirdly he loved his community and was committed to changing its reputation to one of excellence. In one of his teachings on Genesis 1:26 he submitted among others that “man was created for community; we achieved more together.”

He was selfless, visionary and possessed an excellent spirit. He procured the best training resources for his leaders in order to excel in any endeavors and prepared them to step into his shoes and make God famous.

I am grateful to God to have met this difference maker. As a result of his obedience I am one of the millions equipped for the business of making God famous.


Michael Omole



Mr  Mrs Michael Omole





We first heard Pastor Tayo preach 18 years ago when we were invited to New Wine Church.  There was a connection straight away and we knew he was going to be our pastor.  The way he divided the word of God and taught it with clarity and simplicity was greatly attractive.  We have benefitted enormously from his teachings both during regular church services and through various programmes such as Believers’ College, Ministers-In-Training, Leadership Enrichment Programme etc.  We are able to say today that, without any doubt, Pastor Tayo’s teachings have provoked, challenged, uplifted and inspired us in many ways.  Pastor Tayo’s visionary leadership is equally inspiring.

Pastor Tayo was passionate about God and God’s people.  He was passionate about excellence and about serving God in excellent manner.  One of his popular phrases that stuck in our memory is “If it is for the King of kings, only the best will do”.  This, not surprisingly, has permeated the whole fabric of the services that are given by members and workers in New Wine Church. 

We have lost a great pastor and a great teacher.  We have lost a visionary leader.  Heaven has gained a saint.  We are grateful to God for giving Pastor Tayo to us as a gift.  Although we are deeply saddened by his death, we submit to the Sovereignty of God who has permitted that Pastor Tayo should come home at this time.  Pastor Tayo’s legacy will live on.  New Wine Church will GO FORWARD.


‘Dele and ‘Yinka Popoola




Pastor Tayo, my Pastor Tayo, was my father, my brother in Christ, my advisor, and my teacher. He was first and foremost, a man of excellence, a man of wisdom, a man of faith and a faithful man. He was a man of integrity whose private persona corresponded exactly with his public persona. He was a gifted administrator , motivational speaker and an anointed Bible teacher who had the gift of connecting with people from every walk of life. Pastor Tayo packed many lifetimes' work into his own short career of 48 years, and in that short span has impacted the lives of millions of believers around the world.
I feel extremely privileged to have known him and to have served under his ministry and the many lessons that I learned has impacted every aspect of my life and that of my family. I thank God for his life and I know without a shadow of a doubt, that now that he is absent from the body, he is present with his Lord.


Brentnol Roach & family


The Roachs



We bless and thank God for your life Dr. Tayo, our Dear Pastor. You were a great motivator to us. You instilled excellence into our lives and it became a keyword in our family. We cannot forget your birthday greetings even when you’re undergoing your challenges you were able to mouth birthday greetings to us. Your encouragement in our cosmetics manufacturing business, Yess Essentials, cannot be forgotten as you patronised the business. We thank God for the confidence you showed in the products which greatly encouraged us to carry on.
We will miss you but you will never be forgotten.


Good Night our Hero!!!!

Dr. Femi & Dr (Mrs) Yemisi Shode


Yemi  Femi



Hey Bruv,


How do man?? I trust that you are well and having a fab time with Jesus & Moses et al.

I am well myself, just still getting my head around it all. Thank you for being the best brother ever; you are a total don and a proper dude!

I am the man that I am today because of all I learnt from you over the years. Thank you for all the sacrifice and pain that you went through over the years to help us all get to where we are now.

You've taught me so many fantastic lessons.

I think the greatest lesson of all is that people must spend every waking moment pursuing what God has told them to do whilst on earth. They must actively pursue their dreams and unless they are actively doing that they will always be unfulfilled.

I will miss our gentlemen's chat and boys time together. There is nothing like having a brother!

I will especially miss our mutual understanding of James Bond. The ladies in the family just don't get it and sadly I don't think they ever will. It must be a bloke thing!

You once said that some people will have a budget experience of heaven and others a first class experience. In that case you are without a shadow of a doubt sitting in upper class.

I will remember you as you were and always will be.

Your bro,






A Tribute to my Darling Son Dr. Adetayo Michael Adetokunbo Adeyemi


If I were to write about you, I would have to write a book.

You were such a wonderful, kind, respectable, caring and loving son.

The way you cared for me was amazing. Despite your very busy schedule you always came to visit me especially on my birthdays and Christmas times. I recall the numerous occasions you would visit me very late at night after your board meetings instead of going home to rest. You honoured me and were always there for me. You were simply the best son in the whole world.

Son, I have taken consolation from the Lord Jesus. You lived your life with passion and excellence.

Goodnight from your darling Mum. I know your eternity rest in the Lord is sure. We shall meet again at Jesus Christ's feet when we shall part no more.

Well done my son.


Mrs. V A Odofin (JP)


Mrs V A Odofin JP




Pastor Tayo was more than a Pastor to me.


He ‘held’ me in his heart and helped me in more ways than one. I was always amazed that he could make time for me and he did.
One day, he wasn’t feeling well and did not come to church that Friday evening, but he came AFTER the service just to see me, to keep an appointment he had made with me.
I remember when I fell ill; he came to hospital to see me the very next day, with Lady J and prayed for me, anointing me with oil.
When my daughter fell pregnant, he was there again, even though he was in a wheelchair.
When both my children seemed to be floundering with regards to their future, he had time once again for them, him and Lady J.
His consistent diligence in the delivery of the Word to us as a church was impeccable. He had so many books in him…each word he spoke, whether from the pulpit or face-to-face – were precious and could be lived on.
When he joked, I wondered, ‘what manner of man is this?’ and I wondered very often.
His sensitivity was intense, not just to the things of God but to God’s own people.
Ah, he has not just left a legacy for me and my children, he has left a ‘way of life’ for us to emulate.
I love you, dear Pastor Tayo. Always will.


Kemi Oyesola
Sarah and Joshua Eyeoyibo





How I met The Master



During 1999 I had the privilege of meeting with Dr Tayo Adeyemi. This meeting changed the focus of our company, as it highlighted the developing and growing church sector in London. Richmond, as a company, worked with Dr Tayo and his Pastoral Team as they strove to develop the concept and bring to reality their vision for New Wine Church in Woolwich. We quickly learnt Dr Tayo’s buzz word – EXCELLENCE.
Working with Dr Tayo was always a challenge. He pushed the boundaries of design as he endeavoured to achieve the ultimate.
Tayo was a man of integrity. He commenced every project with the knowledge that, all the statutory requirements and funding were in place. Dr Tayo was the consummate professional who set down a time line that had to be achieved. He always commented on the Richmond slogan – On Time, Every Time.
Dr Tayo was a visionary – a man of great wisdom who had his finger on the pulse of the modern church design concepts.
His leadership was inspiring. I thank my Lord and my Master for affording me the opportunity to work and learn so much from a man of such authority – character – creativity – enthusiasm – excellence – generosity – imagination – leadership – vision –wisdom.



Sam Stewart – Richmond NI.


Sam Stewart  Richmond NI




Dr. Tayo Adeyemi (1964-2013)


When loved ones pass on...
Often we speak of how they won.
But I wouldn't be an exaggerating eulogist...
When Tayo's good deeds I list.

When Christians, especially Pastors, sleep...
We are encouraged not to weep.
But Jesus wept, completely bereft......
When His good friend Lazarus left.

Where is my true brother, friend and confidant?
The best I could pray for God to grant.
My tears flow unabated and unashamedly...
Now, the world to me more grim and lonely.

That you have gone I feel so much pain...
That you now rest, this is my only gain!

Adieu brother, adieu friend, adieu co-labourer...
You fought the good fight of faith with fervour!


Dr. Ola-Vincent & Lola Odulele
For the BASIC Trust International family




Vincent Odulele