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Rest on man of God
I was shocked yesterday when one of your powerful teachings was aired on Dove TV that it was already 3 years ago you left this world.I had only one encounter with Dr Adeyemi, I guess in the late 1990s when he came to preach at the Holy Ghost convention of Christ Life Church. Those messages have not left me the same. Why did you leave do soon? Only God has a satisfactory answer.You have made indelible impacts for Christ within the short period of your sojourn here. I am sure our faithful God will certainly take care of the family you left behind. Rest in the bosom of our Lord.Shalom
Onilede David Adekunle Ogbomoso Nigeria
Gone but never forgotten, his spiritual and Biblical legacy lives on. Resting in the Vineyard of our Lord Jesus till eternal. Sweet Dreams in heavenly Glory, till we meet again at the Throne of God.
Stephen O.Sofoluke
just reflected on some of your messages and i found this site...we will forever miss u ..sleep well .Pst T
We will forever miss your life transforming teaching. Good-bye.
Pastor Charles
It's been two years and it seems like yesterday. Miss you Pastor T. Gone but not forgotten.

I still hear your voice and laughter sometimes and it's a real blessing to have crossed paths with you.
Bola Ogundeji
God knows best as we give Him glory in all things . Rest in Peace.
Pastor Victor Boardman

You are weighing heavily on my mind tonight, and more than any other time. Visiting your resting place hasn't been helpful in the least. Coming across a multi-coloured Duchamp socks moments ago has not been helpful either, as the memories of that your infectious laughter anytime I wore it to force out the smile in you during those last few months of your life on this side of eternity has been some torture...Well, am under no illusion that its going to be easy anyway, but never knew it was going to be as tough as this...Having lived together under the same roof, and with a Solid Friendship of 23 years, we can only pray and hope time will ease and heal the pain...Continue to Rest In Peace, Pastor T...
Segun Adeyi "Oga"...As you always called me.
Dr Tayo you've impacted the world for Jesus in a special with your ministry. You served the lord without competing, Imitating or seeking for your own glory other than than his. Your message lives even when you Passed on.
Simon Masereka. Youth Aflame Ministries Mbarara Uganda.
Simon Masereka
Thank you sir,for giving your whole to God in service to God and man. I am a life that was influenced and changed for good by the Next Level Conference.
Christendom has lost a true man of God and I believe he is rejoicing in the bosom of our redeemer Yeshua the Anointed one.
Stephen Adjei
I just saw the glorification of a mentor by televion, while inspirational tv this morning, may you rest perfect in the of Jesus.
Accept our condolences, salom
Pastor Dr. Tam. Seth Eyedoude
Its sad to know Dr.Tayo is no more...I have watched him minister on TV on few occassions and was blessed.We have the consolation that you have gone to be with the Lord.Rest on in the bossom of your Lord
A wonderful man of the word of a Mighty God. Pastor Tayo continue to rest in peace in the bossom of our Lord and Saviour. May God watch over your family and children. Amen
Bro. Timothy
Brother Tayo understood the vision of God almighty to make disciples of all nations! It's sad that he's gone so early. However he is at peace and at home now; his works still live on!
Benjamin Bells, London
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Brother Tayo understood very well the vision of God Almighty to make disciples of all nations! It's sad he's now gone. However he is at home and his works live on!
Benjamin Bells, London
Can't still believe u r gone, was shocked when i saw d funeral arrangement on KICC TV. Am short of words. Can't ask God why. May his soul rest in peace.
Abohweyere Onome, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Can't still believe u r gone, was shocked when i saw d funeral arrangement on KICC TV. Am short of words. Can't ask God why. May his soul rest in peace.
Abohweyere Onome, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
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