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Ajisafe Ameobi, Mowe, Ogun State, Nigeria
2013-07-28, 20:25
Pastor Tayo, I heard about ur death 30 minutes ago. It was heart breaking. However, we bless God because u were a blessing to our generation. A great and passionate teacher of the word. U struck a cord in my daughter's life. U became her pastor even though she was not a member of ur church. How can we question the creator but I thought u would be here much longer. My heart goes to ur wife and children. In ur memory, I will visit new wine bookshop to pick as many of ur tapes as possible. Goodnight Ps Tayo
faustina, USA
2013-07-28, 20:12
Pastor Tayo will be missed. I know you are resting in God's hand in heaven. May your soul rest in peace Amen.
Omolola Ameobi,Mowe, Ogun State
2013-07-28, 20:02
I did not meet u in person but always stayed glue to ur teachings every Sunday with my daughter who introduced ur messages to me. So sad but happy u slept triumphantly. Goodnight, for we shall see on that day at the parley gate.the good Lord will uphold the entire congregation of new wine. Pls keep the flag flying to keep the memory on.
Michael asong NWC, London
2013-07-28, 19:36
A veritable man of God who rightly divided the word of God with passion, compassion and diligence. God truly endowed you with such wisdom that was out of this world. Your messages were uplifting, timely and challenging. We will only miss you in bodily form but your timely messages and prophetic utterances will continue to resonate in our hearts to give us strength in times of needs. You selflessly carry out your assignment and I am confident that the at your arrival at the pearly gates in heaven, there were echoes of welcome home thou good and faithful servant for a job well done. May we equally emulate your examples by serving the Lord faithfully with all diligence.
Rosemary wairimu,nairobi kenya
2013-07-28, 18:52
Dear pastor.you never knew me,but to me you are a mentor,i was drawn by the passion you had for christ,ontv,i give thanks cause of your ministry.you fought a good fight a and brought many to christ.strengthened my faith and my foundation in God.may you rest in peace.
Stella Onogoro, New Wine Church London
2013-07-28, 13:34
With a heavy heart I say goodbye and thank you for being such a blessing to our generation.

We may never understand why you had to leave us so early. But we are thankful for all you have taught us - even in death.

Indeed Sir, you taught your greatest message at your death - "Finish well". You finished your race amazingly well – you went Deeper and Higher all the way with God along with the rest of New Wine Church and then you Touched and Reached Heaven on the Last Day.

Even in death you have taught us that what's important is not how we start but how we finish. You have taught us that what is important is not how long we live but how well we live.

You showed us the Way. You showed us how to live. You showed us how to be. You taught us how to run. Then you completed your part of the Race and passed us the baton.

Now we will continue to run the Race like you ran because we know the Way that you showed us. We will run our Race and “Finish Well” just like you did and we will teach others to run just like you taught us.

Then finally we will meet again on that glorious day of celebration – and oh what a party we will have!

Goodnight Father!
OLAYIWOLA, Thamesmad
2013-07-28, 12:40
You were truly a Leader, so glad to have had you as a Pastor. Learnt so much about ''How to and How NOT to Live Life'' thru immaculate words of wisdom and in your actions.
What did it for me most was your impeccable Humility. Loved u soooo much, and will always do. Rest well my General.
Jane Payne
2013-07-28, 10:16
My dearest beloved Pastor Tayo, you were truly a man of God who touched and turned my life around. I thank God for your life and having the great opportunity to have been touched by your teachings, preaching, encouragement. You spoke from the heart and spoke the truth...you didn't mince your words. You were truly a blessing and are still a blessing. Your legacy will never end. Now rest in the bosom of the Lord... because you deserve it. You've done your bit, you've accomplished God's mission, You've served your purpose...You've shown us, taught us, inspired us, encouraged us. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Until we meet again, I shall never forgot you. LOVE YOU ALWAYS.....
Daisy Oguonu
2013-07-28, 10:03
It is not the length of life but the depth of Life,Pastor Tayo your memory and Legacy lives on , as your soul dwells eternally with the Lord.Rest in Peace
2013-07-28, 01:29
Thank you for your obedience to our Father God, your teaching has helped me to grow in my faith. You will be missed.
2013-07-27, 21:31
Dr Tayo, may your soul rest in peace. I still remember that day at Newine when you asked for those to come forward who wants to know The Lord. You prayed over me and I haven't looked back since the year 2007. Thank you for making that alter call. It gave me a new identity in Christ. You will surely be missed by a lot of people. God bless.
Omosede NWC London
2013-07-27, 18:06
Pastor Tayo, I am really privileged to have been under your ministry. Your teachings were insightful. You were thorough and organised. You were indeed a man of excellence. You will be greatly missed. Rest in peace.
Lorraine Amoako, Woolwich SE18
2013-07-27, 13:57
Dear Pastor Tayo,
you will be truly missed. You've touched so many lives around the world and your life has be testament to the fact that there is indeed God who is lives and reigns forever more.
Bye till we meet again!

Amoako Abraham Ghana
2013-07-27, 12:50
You were such a blessing to my life when i was newly born again.You gave me a mindset and i'm so grateful to you. May your soul rest in perfect peace and i know we will meet once again in eternity. My prayer for family and the church.
Yemi NWC London
2013-07-26, 20:48
A general is gone but the impact of your teaching remains. I enjoyed your teaching of unlocking the bible in NWC for the few years that I became a member.What a great loss,but God loves you more. Rest in peace Pastor Tayo.
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