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Bro.Ahmed, Kofo & Alia.
2013-07-05, 15:41
With heavy heart and gratitude, on behalf of my family, I say ''Adieu Pastor Tayo''. You came and shepherd believers in Christ to know the word, live by it and do it. You knew that it was going to be a short time in life but splendidly spent to God's glory. No where else should we be scared of your resting home if not by the right hand of God in HIS kingdom. Tayo, you came blissfully into this world, saw it and became Lord's sheperd and conquered it by leaving behind millions of souls won for the LORD. We cherish, adore, love, glorify and celebrate you even in death. Bless you as you Rest in Perfect Peace. ADIEU!!!
Nwilo, Vincent, Nsukka, Nigeria
2013-07-05, 15:41
I met Dr. Tayo Adeyemi in Port Harcourt, Nigeria at a leadership conference. So far, it's been one of my best. I can recall his use of words and dedication to teaching. It's sad he left us this early. I was a teenager then. As an adult today, I can see how helpful his words has been. He will find rest.
John Ezika
2013-07-05, 15:40
He blessed my life some couple of years back in Port Harcourt city, when he organised the Higher Level conference with a host of other Men of God at The Civic Center, I believe some hundreds of thousand others were blessed from your good deeds here on earth. We will miss you for this and many more things I probably do not know about and may God console the family you left behind.
Elizabeth Addai
2013-07-05, 15:39
You were my teacher and my inspiration. You guided me with care to know God and to believe in myself. I am convinced that God has kept you safe in His heart. You will always be remembered.
Dayo Ayodele
2013-07-05, 15:39
HERO of faith, a seven star GENERAL, a STATESMAN, an articulate TEACHER, a True FUNCTIONAL FATHER, a PHILANTROPIST, a LEADER by example, a VISIONARY leader, a MIGHTY man yet so MEEK, a true SAMARITAN, a true AMBASSADOR of the kingdom, a prayer WARRIOR. Dad, my life has not been the same since I met you. Your INFLUENCE and IMPACT is immeasurable. Your LEGACY lives on! We will practice everything you have taught us and WE WILL MAKE YOU PROUD!!!

I love you, Rest in peace Dad
Pastor Tayo Adeyemi
A joy of many generations.
Pastor Shalom Shobande
2013-07-05, 15:38
I have no doubt about where pastor adeyemi is right now, see you on the resurrection morning..gentle gaint.....
Diamond Olanrewaju Ajayi
2013-07-05, 15:37
Thank you for giving to the lord. Many lives were touched by your great works. You live on in our hearts. You are now with the God of all GRACE.
Richard & Lara Adewumi and family
2013-07-05, 15:36
Pastor Tayo what a great man and a great leader you will surely be missed may your soul rest in perfect peace our sincere condolence to the family and the church.
Kunle Akintayo
2013-07-05, 15:35
I am in a total state of shock but God knows best. Do have a good journey home. I refuse to mourn, rather I remember you as one of the best teachers of the word and a living example of how life should be lived.
For you, departure time here is arrival time with Christ. We will sorely missed but you will also continue to be appreciated . Sleep tight in the bossom of the Lord.
Pastor Alexander Victor, Altarsound Worship Resources, UK.
2013-07-05, 15:35
A true General, gone to glory... A gentle giant, a man with a truly large heart, a people-person, a truly kind, supportive, selfless, sweet and humble man. 'will give audience to anyone'.
I am blessed to have known you and shared a few personal moments with you, Dr Tayo. Your sense of humour and endless encouragement will forever remain priceless in my heart.
Rest in glory now, Sir; rest. My condolences to the First Lady, Leadership & Membership of New Wine Church.
Diadem Church, Forest Gate, London
2013-07-05, 15:34
Precious in the sight of God are the departures of his saints from here. Much precious when the dead had served God in his own generation as did Padtor Tayo. You have fought as much as you could and left the stage for your reward with the master; well done fellow soldier of light for fighting along with us on this side of eternity.Our love and prayers to Dr Adeyemi's family and the entire New Wine family.
Sleep on our dearly beloved Pastor Tayo.
2013-07-05, 15:33
May his gentle soul rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. The families he left behind will know no sorrow in JSN!
Femi Oluokun
2013-07-05, 15:33
Your life started to be a blessing to me since 1995 and still is now that you have gone home. No doubt, the impact of the life you lived lives on. I rejoice over your life and I know we will see in heaven.
Richard Adeleke and Family
2013-07-05, 15:32
I and my family refused to mourn but to give gratitude to God for a life well spent while on earth, You made an incisive and significant impact on the life of many and while you're gone the legacy will lives on. Rest In Peace.
Florence Bili
2013-07-05, 15:32
A father, friend, pastor, teacher, role model, lives changer, a mentor, a transformational and exemplary leader. Why Pastor T why? Only God knows why. We will miss you dearly Pastor T. What a legacy you left! Such an impact you made! What an example and template you have left for us. Rest in peace Papa. Thank you for your selfless service. RIP the inimitable Pastor T :(. My heartfelt condolencess to Lady Joke, the boys and the entire Adeyemi family.
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