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Bishop & Mrs Anderson
2013-07-05, 15:51
Please accept our deepest condolences, from Bishop and Mrs Anderson, and the Brethren of Harrow New Testament Church of God. A great influence will be missed from our midst; rest in peace.
2013-07-05, 15:51
This is so sad ...but in all of it I thank God for a special son he sent to the world Pastor Tayo with one mission, to make Him (God) famous. Its one of those teachings that lives with me always. I know its good to be home with the Lord but for us here on earth it was toooooooo soooon. All the peace and comfort to Lady Jay, the three wise man and the entire family of New Wine church in the world.
2013-07-05, 15:50
I was truly blessed when this great man came to our Church DCC for the annual convention. I am going to miss this great motivational speaker. My condolence to his family and the Church at large. May God grant you eternal rest. Still shocked and gutted.
Pastor Mike Leader, Chair of Greenwich Ecumenical Borough Deans
2013-07-05, 15:50
Dr Tayo was a big figure on the Woolwich Church scene and he made a major contribution to civic engagement and drawing churches and the local authority together. We will miss his wisdom and fellowship.
Seyi Oduntan
2013-07-05, 15:49
Am still in a deep shock. So Dr Tayo is gone - what a great lost to the church of God and the entire UK and Nigeria. we have indeed lost an enigma. Goodbye Dr Tayo, surely your legacy lives on.
Obed O. Kingful
2013-07-05, 15:49
Earth is sad but Heaven is rejoicing. ***RIP***
Thank you for your great impact on many people.
Victoria Inyama Okri
2013-07-05, 15:48
Pastor Tayo was an exceptional man of God, your teachings will always be a guide to my daily living, I am so sad but I believe you have gone to a better place, my fingers fail me, I have a million things to say about you but my heart is so heavy, you were such a happy person, also very down to earth, I will never forget the first time I met you, I hold back my tears cause I believe you are in a better place with our Lord Jesus Christ, IT IS WELL, Thank you Sir, I can't type RIP but I would rather say 'Thank you Jesus for a life well spent'. It is well.
Dr Mike Okonkwo, The Presiding Bishop
2013-07-05, 15:47
I bring you greetings in the name that is above every other name, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God and our soon coming King.

On behalf of my dear wife and the entire TREM family worldwide, I write to express our heartfelt condolence to you at this time on the passing on to glory of Dr Tayo Adeyemi.

While we do not mourn like they that have no hope, we know that his exit has left a vacuum and we pray that the Lord Himself will fill the vacuum. May the family and the church as a whole experience the divine comfort of the Holy Spirit like never before.

We are standing by you in prayers. Surely, it is well with you.


In His Royal Service,
2013-07-05, 15:45
A general in the army of Lord, called to eternity ...you preached a word I will never forget about salvation.. thank you for that word. Rest in perfect peace.
2013-07-05, 15:45
Our darling pastor, rest in perfect peace, you've run a good race and I know that you are home to recieve your reward that you so deserve! your stay on this earth was but for a short time yet in that time you changed the lives of millions including mine. your teachings empowered me to live to my full potential and for that I say thank you. we will carry on with the good work that you started at church and in the community. till we meet again, reast in perfect peace our dear pastor and father. we miss you....
Deji Olajoto
2013-07-05, 15:45
It came as a shock and a heart break for me to hear about the death of Dr Tayo Adeyemi. He has blessed my life over and over again. May your soul rest in peace my Pastor, we will meet in heaven that I'm sure about. My condolence to his family, New Wine Church and the body of Christ.
Shade Mohammed
2013-07-05, 15:44
Heartbroken. No more strength to cry. So I say: "Hear my cry, O God; Attend to my prayer. From the end of the earth I will cry to You, When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For You have been a shelter for me, A strong tower from the enemy." - Dad, until we meet again.....your baby loves you and will be eternally grateful for all you are to me. The Lord used you to keep me from death so I thank you for I would not be alive today if you were not a man of God who walked in great obedience and wisdom. The impact of your ministry and legacy will last from generation to generation.... Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of The Lord has risen upon you! In everything we give God praise. God is still a healer. God still answers prayers. God is still a throne! It is well! Forever in my heart DAD!
Kemi Olufowote
2013-07-05, 15:44
A very painful loss. He was a great teacher of the WORD. " Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?" Let us all remember Pastor Adeboye's messages (Open Heavens) in recent time. It's a message to all. RIP dear Pastor. My condolence goes to the family and the entrire New Wine Church members.
2013-07-05, 15:43
In the words of our Dear Father, Above ALL Finish WELL!!! He has ran his race and finished exceedingly well.
We love you Pastor Tayo Adeyemi and surely miss you. What a mark you made on my life in the 11 years of knowing you! You sure did leave an incredible LEGACY!
As you used to say, it's not GoodBye it's GoodNight.
Rest in Perfect PEACE Sir.
Pastor Kunle Adegoke
2013-07-05, 15:42
Very hard to accept save I knew earlier his health challenge. Dr Tayo , your impact through the Destiny Conferences can never be forgotten. I remember our university days like yesterday, yet two and a half decades is gone - you were indeed a rare gem. The body of Christ will definitely miss you.
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