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2013-07-05, 17:24
Dr Tayo Adeyemi, my GREAT Pastor of New Wine Church. A great man of excellence who did great and marvelous things in his life to glorify GOD.
Sir I celebrate your wonderful life through Christ Jesus Amen.
GoodBye :>> Pastor TAYO ADEYEMI.
Revd Nezlin Sterling New Testament Assembly
2013-07-05, 17:23
It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of Dr Tayo. His ministry to us at New Testament Assembly is incomparable and indelible. You ministered with anointing, fenise, passion and one was left with no doubt that you were sent to the Kingdom for such a time as this. You are now promoted to a better place to join the veterans of the faith who preceded you. Heaven has gained, the angels are rejoicing and we will long remember your contribution to the people of God in London and beyond. Our thoughts are with the congregation you grew, your wife and other close friends and ministers.
2013-07-05, 17:22
All the glory must be to the Lord. You have changed lives for God, populated the kingdom of God. I hear Heaven saying Welldone Faithful servant. Welcome home. I love you Sir but God loves you more. Rest in peace by the Saviour's bossom. Amen.
Denrele Onikosi
2013-07-05, 17:21
Rest well Pastor Tayo, you have fought a good fight. Though the body of Christ will miss you but i believe you are in a better place.
Christ Foundation Church reg as Immanuel Foundation Scotland
2013-07-05, 17:20
We will always remember you as the work of GOD through you and all legacies speaks,I believe you have gone home to be with the LORD. I want to use this opportunity to send my condolence greetings to his immediate family, the leadership team and members of New Wine Church at this time. ALMIGHTY GOD will always be with you all.Amen
Jesus Christ is LORD.Amen
Apostle Lawrence Ajayi
Moyo London
2013-07-05, 17:20
We can't question the working of God. He alone holds our time in His hands. Pastor Tayo will be greatly missed as he was an inspiration to many and touched lives in ways we will never all know. In death you have left a great legacy, messages to be remembered and a ministry that stands strong. Adieu Pastor! Till we meet again in His Presence. Rest in peace.
Pastor Gabriel Ogunbiyi RCCG, Rivers of Living Water
2013-07-05, 17:20
Pastor Adeyemi,
You are God given. You touched lives. You touched humanity. You completed the race on a good note. You will be remembered. Good Night.
Pastor Marva Scott on behalf of Rhema Christian Ministries
2013-07-05, 17:19
The Trustees, Leadership and members of Rhema Christian Ministries are deeply saddenned to learn of the home-going of Dr Tayo Adeyemi. We send with love and prayers our deepest sympathy to Dr Tayo's wife, his sons, the Adeyemi family and all within the New Wine Church family.

Dr Tayo will always be fondly remembered by us because he played a very important role as mentor to members of our Leadership team. He took time out of his busy schedule to meet with them and impart words of Divine wisdom and provide practical assistance gained from his years of experience as a Pastor and Leader within New Wine and the wider church community. At those meetings, Dr Tayo exuded wonderful humility and authenticity. We are grateful for the times of sharing and with confidence know that his legacy will live on in the many lives he touched including ours.

Dr Tayo was a gift to the church and for that we say 'Thank you and to God be the glory'. The Christian community has lost a valued and highly respected Leader and Teacher of the faith. Our loss is truly heaven's gain and we rejoice in the knowledge that he is now at rest with the Father.
2013-07-05, 17:19
I still remember the message series that he preach on ' The most important person in church - the visitor' that message demonstated the heart of a true Leader and Shepherd and one that had a heart for souls. This was when the church was in a community hall at Greenwich. It is no wonder that the church grew and developed to legacy that he has now left behide. He added value to the lives that he contacted through his ministry. He demonstrated the spirit of excellence in everything that he did and represented. Heaven would welcome him home. Man of God you will alway be remembered as a pace setter. May the works of hand continue to grow till we meet again.

Always a Fan
Pastor and Mrs Ayodeji
2013-07-05, 17:19
RIP Pastor Tayo we all love you but Jesus loves you the best. The news of your demise came as a shock - we all believe you are in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Rest in perfect peace.
Kunle Soyibo
2013-07-05, 17:18
It was with so much shock that I received the news of your passing to glory. I really want to appreciate you for reaching out to us way back in 2005 and coming in person to minister to us at the University of Ibadan. It was really inspirational. I pray for God's blessings on your family and the Church of God.
Danielle Fatunla, Member of New Wine Church.
2013-07-05, 17:17
We all still love Pastor Tayo Adeyemi. I'm only 12 years old and he still is an inspiration to me. His messages were different than any other - exciting, funny, yet full of meaning. Though through this time, we give thanks with a grateful heart because Pastor Tayo has now gone to his heavenly father, our spiritual father and the angels are rejoicing because he is home. His presence will be missed on this Earth but think of this:
Instead of mourning the loss on Earth, imagine the addition in Heaven.
We love you Pastor Tayo Adeyemi, and may your soul rest in peace.
Revs. Jim & Christine Maclntyre, March, Cambridgeshire
2013-07-05, 17:16
We are so honoured to have known and been inspired by Dr. Tayo over many years. His inspired word from God 17 years ago was instrumental in us starting Powerhouse Church and he helped us so much in the early stages. Also Jim had a wonderful mission trip to India with Dr. Tayo. He will be greatly missed by people around the world. Thanks be to God for His gift to us all.
Prophet Jide Peter-Thomas.
2013-07-05, 17:16
We praise God that a fellow co-labourer in God's vineyard has ran the race set before him and has touched lives as much as the opportunity arose. Good night and rest well till we meet again.
John, Navan Ireland
2013-07-05, 17:15
A man of great great influence, your messages will be in my heart till I see you in Heaven. Rest In Peace Pastor T.
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