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K.D Hudson
2013-07-05, 18:31
To the family of Dr Tayo and New Wine Church family I am deeply saddened to hear the news but I believe that Dr Tayo is now in the arms of our savior Jesus Christ. My sincere prayers are with you all at this time.
Oluwole & Betty Dada and Family
2013-07-05, 18:31
Oh my dearest lovely Pastor, Dr Tayo Adeyemi Leader of leaders, Motivator, Hero of Bible scholars and a true man of God. No doubt you are with the Lord now.
I and my entire family will continue to remember your kindness, spirit of excellence and your good works.
We love you but God loves you more.
Rest in peace General.
Adewale Olutobi
2013-07-05, 18:30
am sure your gentle soul is resting in the bosom of the lord good bye sir till when we meet to part no more
Jerry and Family
2013-07-05, 18:29
Thanks Pastor Tayo for directing our focus on what matters most.."life in Christ Jesus" Rest in Perfect Peace in the bosom of Christ our Lord Amen
Badiru Olugbemi Segun.
2013-07-05, 18:28
Sir, you were one voice that was sound and clear at the Excellence in Leadership Conference 2009 hosted by Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos- Nigeria.
Your statement " take a stand, make a difference" has been a charging force in my spirit ever since I sat under your ministration .
This generation and many to come will tell of your exploits for the Lord.
Adieu Dr. Tayo Adeyemi.
Oyewole Emmanuel Niyi Abuja, Nigeria.
2013-07-05, 18:27
Some came and only passed by, some came and watched, but you came and acted, worked and made a mark in the lives of men. Although you are gone, but Pastor Tayo, you live on. Rest in Peace.
Pastor Paul O A Dosunmu Bible Path Christain Ministrie,s London
2013-07-05, 18:27
An early exit into glory of a great man of God. A general in the army of the Lord, a shepherd in the Fold of Jesus. He was indeed a great teacher of the word who taught with simplicity and clarity under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. His life and messages touched and changed many lives for the better. Gone too soon but thank God; the legacy he left behind is undeniably wonderful.
2013-07-05, 18:26
Dr . Tayo has been more than a Pastor more than a brother more than a leader to krystaal he has blessed us in so many ways ... We have lost a great leader, we have lost our family member... May he rest in peace in the hands of Jesus...
We will forever miss him .
2013-07-05, 18:25
Our heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to the New Wine Church family. Your life touched my life and family, and the lives of countless others the world over in a profound way. You taught me how to step out in faith and not be afraid, and gave me the priveledge of serving under your ministry. I remember when I lost my dad, you said to me that he has not gone, but gone on ahead of me. You have not gone, but gone on ahead. Till that day.
Anu & Bisoye Awofeko, London
2013-07-05, 18:25
RIP Pastor Tayo we love you but God love you most, Thank you for all your teachings that will continue to impart our life's, Rest in the bossom of the Most High God. We will miss you greatly.
David A.
2013-07-05, 18:24
Dr Tayo, may your soul rest in perfect peace and find favour with God I've heard you few times on television and radio you were an inspiration to many and you truly knew what you were teaching. Goodnight dear Brother.
Bessy Eigbefoh
2013-07-05, 18:23
I saw a star shining bright in the sky. That star is you.
I miss you Pastor Tayo. I recall a message you preached a few years ago about the dash in between ones date of birth and date of death and you said that what happens within that dash was very significant because the dash represents what one achieved in life and the impact they made whilst on earth. I can't begin to quantify the impact you made on my life with your words of wisdom and encouragement. You were a man of excellence through and through. You have left a deep vacuum but typical of you, you made sure that you raised champions to continue where you have left off. You prepared us Pastor Tayo but we never thought you would leave us so soon.
I am comforted by your teachings and even though the earth has lost a General, I know that heaven has gained one more saint. I know you are resting in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ and I know that we will meet again. What a glorious day that will be. Goodnight Pastor Tayo, rest in perfect peace.
2013-07-05, 18:19
OMG! I was just browsing on facebook when I saw a message about pastor tayo adeyemi death. I am deeply speechless and shocked beyond words. thanking you pastor tayo for your inspirational messages over the years, your radio and TV messages I don't miss them. The church will really miss you. May your gentle soul rest in the bossom of the lord soldier of the cross. we love you but God love you more. ADIEU DR PASTOR TAYO ADEYEMI.
Sofolarin Osifeso
2013-07-05, 18:18
I use to attend new wine church years ago, but I moved to Chatham and I now attend a nearby church, pastor Tayo was a brilliant preacher and may his gentle soul rest in peace, amen ...and I pray the almighty God forgives him his sins and until we meet again rip Tayo.
Mrs Iroroefe Urhie, Member of New Wine Church.
2013-07-05, 18:17
RIP Pastor Tayo Adeyemi. You taught me especially to aim at making God famous, you are irreplaceable and unforgettable. You also taught me VALUE, LOVE, PEACE and UNDERSTANDING. You have been a minister of great influence to us as members of the church and the community at large. The Christian community has lost a valued and highly respected Leader and great Leader of faith. It is difficult and heavy to know you have gone too soon. Your legacy will leave on. God will comfort the church and your family you left behind.
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