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George Lamptey
2013-07-05, 19:29
Have been immensely blessed by your online messages. Will certainly miss my daily bread forever.
Your death is such an increadible loss to me. May the good Lord bless and keep you in His bossom till we meet again at the sound of the heavenly trumpets on the resurrection day.
Tomi Adisa, London
2013-07-05, 19:29
Rest in Perfect peace Pastor Tayo. Just like Steve Jobs, you were on the earth for a short time but made the most enormous impact. You have been a part of my life since I was 7 years old and alongside my parents have been one of the single greatest influences in making me the person I am today. You gave your all and through your words and actions and encouraged others to do the same. You taught us to work for the best, be the best and accept only the best - do things for God who deserves the best. Your words spoke life, light and love and will continue to do so for years to come. You have touched the lives of millions and I am truly grateful that you answered your calling and ran with it, otherwise I wouldn't have the amazing friends I have, have heard the powerful messages that I heard or follow the valuable advice given over the years to be where I am today. You loved people and had a passion to see them "be all they can be". You have encouraged us all to maximise life and get all we could from it so I aim to do just that. We have been immensely touched and some of us don't even know it. You have been a great blessing. You gave everything of yourself - even encouraging us to have faith when you were weak and thus you remained strong even until the last. A teacher, preacher and father. A leader, a visionary and ground breaker. I learnt how to write notes, create engaging speeches and make a dream a reality just by the way you taught and made things happen. I learnt to trust God even during hard times just as you did and I learnt to care for people and have compassion despite my position. I remember writing a play once in Sunday school for the kids to perform during a Maximise Life convention. I only gave it to my teacher but somehow you got to read it and you came to me soon after and told me that you had read it, you thought it was great and encouraged me to keep writing. We didn't do the play in the end but I will never forget that moment, because in my little mind then and in my big mind now, I was and still am amazed that Pastor would even take the time out to read my play and talk to me about it - you even knew my characters names! I am still touched, even today, when I remember that - a sign of your caring heart.
A man of vision, influence, excellence and care, God has truly used to you to do something great. I don't understand it and maybe never will. I still can't quite believe it but one thing I do know is that I will miss you. I will miss you a lot. All we can do is run with what you started, do it with excellence and keep it going. 20Go.
'Kunle and Ifeoma FAGBEMI, Director CePSERD Abuja, Nigeria
2013-07-05, 19:28
We thank GOD Almighty for a life lived as a "Soldier of Christ". It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will comfort all that mourn him, the wife and children along with the entire New Wine Church family. We implore the congregation to remember, Pastor Tayo indeed has fought a good fight of faith he has now received a welcome to the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ and reward for his faithfulness and stewardship; it is now time to keep the light shining and the salt more potent than ever before. Shalom!
Timothy Adagbada
2013-07-05, 19:27
He lived a life of positive impact and he taught the word of God with boldness and power. We will miss him
Dr. Ade Ajala Phd Senior Pastor Kingdom Connection Christain Center Aurura, Colorado, USA
2013-07-05, 19:27
Dear New Wine Family,
We here at Kingdom Connection Christian Center, Aurora Colorado State want to express our condolences to you and the family of our dear friend and brother, Pastor Tayo Adeyemi who has gone to be with the Lord. Dr. Tayo was with us here in Aurora Colorado some years ago and was a blessing to our church and the people of Denver Colorado State. Take courage brothers and sisters; God is with you.
May your gentle soul rest in peace my brother. See you later!
Oluwaseun Abiodun Olawore
2013-07-05, 19:26
Exactly a year today ! I had serious encounter with u in the messages the Lord had given to u. I was faced with an health challenge and seems not to be understood by anybody but with the analysis of the book of JOB with u and the prayer time afterwards each time i listen to the casette it build my faith and kept me on. Though we didnt meet at all but u were the pastor God used for me. I was still looking forward to coming to share my victory experience with u but then u have fought a good fight of faith. U have affected my world positively. Not the duration but what u have been able to donate. Ur donations to human race worth it. U av come, ur av seen, ur av conquered so sleep on sweet s oldier in the blosom of ur Maker where we meet to part no more powerfully missed but highly celebrated by me
Timothy, Ibadan, Nigeria.
2013-07-05, 19:25
He lived a life of Positive impact; taught the word of God withboldness and power. We will miss you.
2013-07-05, 19:24
I do not know you personally but from the way people are talking about you even in death. You live a life of impact in the kingdom of god and service to humanity. Your works and labour of love are following you . May your soul rest in perfect peace and god comfort your families.
Ian-Luke Penwald, Premier Christian Media
2013-07-05, 19:23
I was heartbroken when I heard the news of the passing of Pastor Tayo. Even though I know he had been battling illness for some time, the news when it broke was no less devastating. It is such a tribute to the man that I can say, having worked with the church for around 17 years or so, that Dr Tayo's ministry and integrity is not confined to just his person, but runs right through the church members. Your friends here at Premier Christian Media share your loss and there is truly a feeling of sorrow among all of us here. But what a testimony he leaves behind and what an example to follow and what comfort to know those thoughts will prevail way beyond our morning.
Rita Edmonton Canada.
2013-07-05, 19:23
I remember the first time you visited ICGC Ghana during the Greater Works Conference, your message KEEP MOVING FORWARD had had a great impact on my life. I thank God for the dedicated life you led serving in His house on earth and will continue to do so forever in His Holy Presence. AMEN.
2013-07-05, 19:22
Dr Tayo,
Thank you so much the word that you have taught through out the world. We know you have ran your race and you're ready with our heavenly Father in Heaven.
The Eshos (Ockendon)
2013-07-05, 19:21
May his gentle soul rest in peace.
YemiOmitogun & family
2013-07-05, 19:20
Gone too soon. You will be sorely missed. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace
Abiola, Nigeria
2013-07-05, 19:20
My first encounter with this man of GOD was a life changing experience for me,he simplified the word,you will be greatly missed......rest in the bossom of The Lord
T. Akinyemi
2013-07-05, 19:18
To a great father and mentor, sleep on in the blossom of The Lord, your teachings will remain evergreen in our hearts. You will be greatly missed sir.
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