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The Chukwumas
2013-07-05, 21:43
Pastor T, You fought the fight and ran the race. we know that you are seated in the Grandstand Of heaven. We thank God for your life. May God comfort your family.
Anthony "Pass Da Mic" King
2013-07-05, 21:42
Dr Tayo Adeyemi, has been a man of great distinction, a scholar of the word and genuinely a man who rightly divided the word of truth. You have left a legacy, God Bless
Ola Ahmed Dayo Lagos, Nigeria
2013-07-05, 21:42
May your soul find eternal peace and your legacies never forgotten. R.I.P Dr Tayo Adeyemi.
Pastor David Okoloko Liberation Word Evangelical Ministries, Northampton
2013-07-05, 21:41
I have always admired you Pastor Tayo Adeyemi as one of the great generals of our time. I know we cannot query the timing of the Almighty God but in the corner of my heart I feel this hurt that I cannot seem to place...You are gone too soon...Just last month I was discussing with a Pastor friend of how much God is using you...You have fulfilled purpose...I pray that God will take care of your sons, your wife and the New Wine Church and grant them the grace to carry on the good work that you have started in Jesus name. Amen.........
{Moses, I.A}
2013-07-05, 21:40
An impactful Life ...a life that is will keep counting through to posterity with the Divine Mandate.
Bola Oyediran, Kent
2013-07-05, 21:40
Well done on earth sir. Your work, the seeds & fruits, live on as you live on in better place. Peace, divine comfort & strength to Mrs Adeyemi, children,family,church & all.
Shaneen Clarke Ministries
2013-07-05, 21:39
I knew him for only a short time but long enough to see that the hand of God was clearly upon him. His entrepreneurial gifting and creative skills help build this important Church and a staunch book end for the east of London. His light will continue to shine and his smile will light up heaven .
Aderemi Aransi and family
2013-07-05, 21:39
Dr Tayo Adeyemi is the best motivational speaker I have ever met,what a way for him to depart this sinful world,on the last day of fasting and praying.I wept when I heard but the bible says weep no more for I have conquered the world.He will be greatly miss.rest in peace and not in pieces.
Toyo Oyediji
2013-07-05, 21:38
Love you Pastor Tayo,thanks you for the great seeds into my life.. much love to Pastor Joke Adeyemi, we love you and are praying for you at this time.., my thoughts are with Pastor' s three sons too, May God uphold them and help them to lead the values Pastor as our great Dad has put in us. Thank you Pastor Tayo, we love you Lady Jay, keep strong. New Wine was my home church for many years till I moved homes further away.
Samson and Cheryl Iriajen
2013-07-05, 21:38
Words fail us... God bring strength and comfort to his wife, children and all those who knew him intimately... His minstry has sowed seeds in the life of my family and I ... indeed we are now seeing the blossoms of that fruit... for those that sow in love shall reap the rewards of their labour in love... Dr. Pastor Tayo Adeyemi rest in the love and arms of our Heavenly King - RIP exemplary mighty solider of the Lord High and Mighty ... Amen.
Aramide Sanni
2013-07-05, 21:37
Pastor Tayo,
I gave my life to Christ under your watch and I have been a Christian ever since. You were charismatic, enigmatic and I loved listening and watching you.
My heart weeps but we thank God because heaven needed you more. May the legacy you left never depart from us.
May God bless all those you left behind
You are not gone pastor tayo, u live forever....
Till we meet again
Joy, London
2013-07-05, 21:36
I listened to Dr Tayo's powerful messages on the God channel, he has been a blessing to TV ministry. RIP man of God. My thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.
Al Felix, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2013-07-05, 21:36
All the way from Brazil we grieve! May He Who is the Comforter place His caring hands on the Adeyemi family and the New Wine Church families!
Dr Kindah & Joan Greening Gold Coast Australia
2013-07-05, 21:35
It has been sad to see such a dynamic promising minister of the gospel battle with his illness. He had a large generous heart. It was such a privilge to have him speak at my 25th Celebration on the Gold Gold Coast of Australiia..I conducted a Coping with Grief and Crisis seminar there for his church. Our heart goes out to his lovely wife and family and the church body there. Dr Tayo died in faith not receieving the promise of healing. Whilst there will be celebration as you commorate a wonderful life, the work of grief and mourning will be a slow journey with many questions. May you appropriate divine comfort .
S.O. Sofoluke & family
2013-07-05, 21:34
We do thank God for your Life, your teaching has touched many and change the life of others. You are exceptional as a servant in his Kingdom and I pray that the Grace of God that brought you so far, that Grace will lead you Home. As we all know that this world is a market place, Heaven and Eternity is our Home.. Your death is a learning-curve, though unexpected but when God call you Home, who can say No. He is being called to an Eternal rest, away from the world of sin and vanity. Jesus has saved your soul, your wife and your children should be proud of a Life well spent in God's Vineyard. The Elephant has left the forest and the Whale has left the sea, so Pastor Tayo has left New Wine Church to sit with Christ in Heavenly places.. Goodbye and may your soul rest in perfect Peace.
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