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Omolara Gay
2013-07-05, 22:39
God bless his memory and grant him eternal rest.
Jummy from Nigeria
2013-07-05, 22:38
10. May the soul of. Dr Tayo Adeyemi rest in perfect peace. He was one of my favourite TV pastors, and i was hoping to see him when i came to the UK in April, but he was indisposed. I was looking forward to seeing him in person in August, but God knows best!
Sister Margaret and family UK
2013-07-05, 22:36
9. Pastor may your gentle soul rest in peace. God used you to influence millions of lives around the world. I listen to God's word through New Horizons on Premier radio whilst driving home daily from work. I never knew that these were not live programs as the word you gave inspired and motivated me. Your passing on to eternal life has left a gap but I know our God will heal our hearts. Recently, the teachings on fasting has left a lasting legacy in my mind.
I never had the opportunity of getting close to you apart from your brief appearance at a wedding in Ibadan two years ago. What God used you to start in this world will be continued. The vision God gave you will live on through your ministry. At this time of a great loss, God will comfort your wife, children and your blessed New Wine family.
Abiola Omitogun
2013-07-05, 22:36
8. Pastor Tayo was a man of excellence and was exemplary in his lfestyle. I especially value his phrase " discover, develop and deploy" . I know he is resting in the bosom of our Lord and we will meet again in glory. My heart goes out to his lovely wife Lady J and ask that the Lord will give her the fortitude to bear the loss. I am in no position to say I know how it feels but the God of every comfort will comfort her at this time. For his sons, the Lord will stand by them and be a father unto them. They will excel in life in Jesus' name. For New Wine Church I pray that excellence will continue to be our watchword , and holiness without which no man can see God. Shalom,
2013-07-05, 22:35
7. Great man of God rest peaceful in the heart of God. It would have been a total loss if you had not worked faithfully for God. God have a reason for taking you so earlier. You are a saint taken before the day of evil. Glory to God. May God comfort your family , church & friends.
Alex Oriere Snr pastor Life Camp Italy.
2013-07-05, 22:34
6. We thank God you ran the race to the end, you never looked back when the Master needed you ; you touched lives and you finished the work He gave to you. Though your stay may look brief I am glad to say it was judiciously and qualitatively used to the glory of God. Rest in the bossom of the LORD until we meet to part no more. May the good Lord grant the family and the entire members of New Wine the grace to stand in this trying time Amen .....
Mosinmiloluwa (Nigeria)
2013-07-05, 22:34
5. first encountered Pastor Tayo at the University of Ado Ekiti . He came in to minister alonside Bishop Wale Oke. His minstry has blessed me so much , he is such a man of great insights with a message for his generation. Adieu great soldier till the ressurection morning.
2013-07-05, 22:33
4. I am very saddened and heartbroken by this news. You were a Great man of God, a Great leader, teacher, an Apostle and influencer. You will be missed dearly. You thought me to arise, to shine and be aware of God's Glory upon my life. Your sermons transformed my mindset. I thank God for knowing you. Rest in Peace Pastor Tayo.
Sunday & Helen Omoniwa, Nigeria
2013-07-05, 22:33
3. Humanly speaking, really sad, his messages were a source of inspiration. But the bible says it is better to go and be with the Lord. May his soul rest in peace till we meet to part no more. We commiserate with the family, The New Wine Church and the body of Christ at this trying time. Our prayers are with you, it is surely well
Rev. Peter Clement Spirit-Life Christian Ministries. London, UK
2013-07-05, 22:29
2. l really know Pastor Tayo to be a true Man of God, full of divine wisdom, God fearing, a soul winner, generous, and a positive influence to the Body Of Christ and our community. l have greatly been imparted by his words of wisdom. His encouragement always stirs me up to aim for the high calling which is in Christ Jesus. His teaching Materials was very inspiring and great tool of information to many who heard him. Pastor Tayo, a man of excellent spirit and full of Love. Pastor Tayo, I will always greatly miss you...
l am deeply sadden by Pastor Tayo's death and l would like to express my deepest, sincere, condolence to all his family and the members of New Wine Church.
Bernice, International Central Gospel Church, Ghana.
2013-07-05, 22:29
1. Your life was a real inspiration and a blessing. May your words and works continue to affect and change lives for The Lord. Rest in perfect peace. Amen
Mark Sturge Christian Aid Head of London Region
2013-07-05, 22:26
I am deeply sadden to hear of the passing of Pastor, friend and colleague Dr. Tayo Adeyemi. Pastor Tayo has been an encourager and pioneer, fully committed to the vision of transforming society and being a shepheard in ministry. For many years we worked closely during my tenure as General Director of the African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance.
My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and loved ones at this difficult time. May they, the leadership and members of New Wine Church know the strength, peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit now and always
2013-07-05, 22:25
This is very sad news. I pray that the good Lord will comfort the family and also the entire New Wine Church. You are all in my prayers.
David B Port Harcourt Nigeria
2013-07-05, 22:25
Dr Tayo, your impacts on the sands of time were truly innumerable . You touched so many lives, even of those who never had any direct contact with you through your ministrations. My time at New Wine Church London was brief but the effects on my life still speak. A true God's general with strong passion for His kingdom. May God be with the Adeyemi family and God's people you left behind. Rest in peace Pastor.
Bola Oyediran Kent
2013-07-05, 22:25
Well done on earth sir. Your work, the seeds & fruits, live on as you live on in better place. Peace, divine comfort & strength to Mrs Adeyemi, children,family,church & all.
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