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Dr Otis V. Wilks
2013-07-06, 12:24
Dr Tayo Adeyemi (New Wine Church, Woolwich, London, UK), I salute you. You were a trailblazer in London and in the UK. I remember you visiting as guest preacher in my home church, many years ago, when we were no more than just a handful in number, and ministering as though were were many more. Your ministry has changed lives and challenged many church leaders across the UK. Our loss is Heaven's gain. Take your rest, Sir. And may the God of Peace now comfort First Lady and your family as they mourn your passing.
2013-07-06, 12:24
You left us so soon Pastor Tayo.. you have run a good race! Each time I remember your concept ' Maximizing your time'.. I can't still belief the great preacher of our life time has passed on to glory! My condolence to entire New Wine Church, his family and to all TV viewers. May his soul rest in peace.
Dola Omonira
2013-07-06, 12:23
Thank you Lord for allowing Pastor Tayo Adeyemi to impact my life.....Great man of God.....your legacy lives......
The teaching....the spirit of excellence....the belief in me......allowing me to find myself....instilling excellence in all I do....the prodding....the pruning....the uplifting....the nurturing....the love.....the renewing of my mind....my friend, my brother, my teacher, my pastor all wrapped in one....you showed me different aspects where necessary to bring the best out of me......you instilled in me that I can and must be the best.... "be all you can be".....I hear you whisper.... Rest in peace.....Pastor Tee...
Theresa Boima and Family.
2013-07-06, 12:22
It all seems like yesterday; on Easter Sunday in 2009 when you made that faithful calling to gain souls for the Lord and I took that big step towards you and you laid your blessed hands upon me and prayed for me. What a change you've made in my family!! Today you lie down so cold! so warped up! so quiet! and so peaceful. I am so lucky to have garbed that opportunity when you were able to speak to me. Sleep on man of God, sleep and have your rest; for the the Lord has acknowledges all your had work and he wants you home now. Gone but never to forgotten; R.I.P.
Arc and Mrs Olukoya Olusegun Christ Image Assembly, Jos
2013-07-06, 12:21
I remember when we met and you wrote in my bible 'You are a mighty force for God'. God has started fulfilling those words in concrete terms in my life. Thank you sir. You were a royal gem and we will miss you greately. We pray God will grant the Adeyemis, Newwine Church and those you have impacted the fortitude to bear this period. Till we meet again, you will always be in our hearts.
Pastor.Alwin Roland & Family World Jesus Mission International
2013-07-06, 12:21
It is with deepest regret when i hears the news Dr.Tayo Adeyemi passed away and went home to be with the Lord on Sunday 30thJune 2013, at 2.00pm

He was a great but humble man of God , A Great Leader,who will be sorely missed.The work he was doing for the mission of World Jesus Mission International is honorable, and the man who prayed for us always and motivated us to be in faith all the times.We really miss you Pappa . Dr.Tayo We love you and we Miss you .
You have given many hope and shelter,your reward is great in heaven.This Scripture in (Hebrews 6:10) is for you "God is not unrighteous to forget your labor of Love.

The Bashoruns.
2013-07-06, 12:20
We will never forget you sir; as your life was and is a great influence in our lives. You will be celebrated for all you accomplished while with us sir.
Kuforiji Emmanuel
2013-07-06, 12:19
The world will miss a man of great impact. May the fruits that you left behind speaks on of your remarkable teachings of a God's word.
Rest on in the bossom of the Lord.
Sola from CH.
2013-07-06, 12:19
Pastor Adeyemi, it pleased God, He called you out of this sinful world to come and be with Him in the place of rest. You have come. you have won and you have conquered. Thank God for a gift you have been to us. You have left an indelible mark in our hearts. We will live to abide and remember all these seeds of eternal word you have planted in our heart. Continue to rest in perfect peace in the bosom of your Lord.
Samuel Udochukwu
2013-07-06, 12:18
Though I don't much of you, but your death touches me. Rest In Peace our dear Pastor.
2013-07-06, 12:18
Pastor Tayo was a wonderful pastor. Under his leadership i felt blessed and finally understood what belonging to a church meant. I remembered the first time i heard him preach at a single and sound event his fresh vibrant approach to living a full-filled single life as a God filled christian gave me hope for the future. I will always remember New Wine church under Pastor Tayo as the church i decided to give my life to Christ in. May God bless and grow New Wine church in honor of the amazing ministry Pastor Tayo has set up.
Mark C Onichabor.... Lagos Nigeria
2013-07-06, 12:17
R.I.P. God's General. we will miss you. I have constantly listen and be under your ministration and it has helped me grow more spiritually. you will be greatly missed.
Rev. Don Kester...Port Harcourt Nigeria
2013-07-06, 12:08

A remarkably outstanding voice of JEHOVAH...

Perspicacious and audacious in presenting God's truth...

Your delivery would be remembered for its simplicity and profundity...

Would we still get the best out of church?Â
Yes we would... Because you taught us HOW...

Your duration  on earthÂ
was a donation  from eternity

Your life was a celebration of His grace
Evidenced in courage for the race

Death didn't drown your voice; it only amplified it...

Death didn't spill the water in the vessel; the water only poured forth to irrigate the earth as you exit...

Death didn't ferment the NEW WINE; because His mercies are new every morning...

General TAYO rest till the resurrection morning!
From all of us at Africafrique Magazine
2013-07-06, 12:07
Dear Pastor Tayo,
We are grateful to God for your life, you contributed to the transformation of many . God bless you and may your Soul Rest in Peace.
Pastor Hugh Jackman House of Victory and Revelation Tv
2013-07-06, 12:06
We met only once but I always felt that I knew you well. Man of God, you have left a mark that will never be erased. Enjoy your rest beyond the river...
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