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2013-08-10, 09:17
You fought the good fight with all your might, you ran the good race with all your strength, now you are resting at the bosom of your God. You are really a mighty man of God and a rare gem. Good night Pastor Tayo
Michael Omole
2013-08-10, 02:12
In summer 1999 my family decided against long journeys to church. We visited churches within the Greenwich borough. We were particularly impressed and inspired at New Wine by the greeters, worship style, information and the presentation of the word. We attended the annual convention held at City Temple that same week and knew that God was building a people of power and influence for the twenty first century. We integrated very quickly.

In tribute to the visionary leader Dr Tayo Adeyemi, who demonstrated an unyielding faith even to the end; I have written this brief expression of his ministries, which will outlive this generation and even the ones after, should Jesus tarry.
Thank God for Lady J who has demonstrated great strength and unquestionable faith all along.
New Wine is going forward.

In honour of my Lord and King,
His majesty enthroned in dominion splendour,
He who owns the silver, the gold
And the cattle on a thousand hills,
Who shaped the mountains and the valleys
And gave vitality, freedom, sight and authority;
And all will see and praise our heavenly Father.

Alas the redeemed dwell in penury,
For the just I reserve the wealth of the wicked,
To all I give life in all its fullness;
Son, raise me an army, a global workforce;
Equip them to discover, develop and deploy,
My imperishable gifts and treasures in them;
And all will see and praise our heavenly Father.

In active service but not a curate,
Herald, make it loud, ditch limits and maximise life,
Lord, I see generations transformed,
Souls refreshed their flesh crucified, it is grace
Clear vision, enlarged capacity, honour and excellence
Towel for service, perfume for influence;
And all will see and praise our heavenly Father.

My soul praises you o Lord my God,
You have made me glad, what more can I say?
You honour me, even me!
Lord, this is timeless and bigger than me,
Take it Lord and smile, it is my worship,
Let heaven rejoice for the blessed rising army
And all will see and praise our heavenly Father.

No more valleys let the mountains bow,
In pain or sorrow you alone I will trust and worship,
Take all of me, I am yours,
My eyes closed and I appear before you,
Then shall I know me even as I am known
Yield to you the Church I see in honour of my king;
And all will see and praise our heavenly Father.
2013-08-09, 02:59
God bless you Papa you were a true servant of God and may your soul rest in perfect peace .
Bro Jonathan Busayo . Dublin.
2013-08-08, 18:21
Good night to a galant soldier of Christ. see you on the resurrection morning, Each time i listen to Dr Tayo, i saw a servant making haste to finish the king;s business, no wonder you went too soon. you came, saw, and conquered for Jesus. Rest in the bosom of Jesus. Victorious you are mighty man, Shalom !
Babarinde A. Oluwaseyi, Obantoko, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria
2013-08-08, 13:04
Adieu Papa, you ran the race, kept the faith, blessed your generation, now you rest in the bosom of the Lord. You were always a life-changer, an inspiration and blessing to my life each time I listen to you deliver the word of God undiluted and with power. Thank God for your life. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Adieu Papa.
Tosin Ayoola and family
2013-08-07, 22:56
Adieu great man of God!
It is with a heavy heart but gratitude to God that I write this tribute.
You taught like I had never heard, displayed excellence and lived out your belief like I had never seen. No one that stood even miles away could deny the excellent spirit that you carried and displayed in everything that you did.
You lived and walked in what you believed till the very end.
You went about proclaiming the gospel which you received unashamed in your condition until it was physically impossible to do so.
I salute you great man of God.
Continue to bask in the peace you found and rested in whilst on earth.
Continue your rest in the Prince of Peace
Continue your rest in the bossom of our Lord
Adieu Pastor Adetayo Adeyemi
2013-08-07, 17:44
Pastor Tayo, one of the best Godly teacher that ever lived,sleep in peace in the arm of our Lord jesus Christ, you have fought the good fight of faith, you have finished your race very well, you have left a wonderful legacy of Godly teachings for me and the world, you have gone too soon, you shall be sorely missed by us all
Ann Williams
2013-08-07, 15:15
I did not know Dr Adeyemi personally but I have watched him on Inspiration TV. Gone too soon!
2013-08-07, 12:17
I have never met Dr. Tayo before, but his teachings imparted my life greatly. His ministry inspired me to found SHAPE Ministries (www.shapeministries.org) to help people "Discover, Develop, Deploy" their potentials into ideal ministries in the kingdom of God. I believe God wants Dr. Tayo to join Him in Heaven now! May his soul rest in perfect peace!
Martin P.Mgombere, Dar es Salaam,Tanzania.
2013-08-07, 06:45
To the Family and the Church,
We celebrate the life of Dr Tayo in Jesus name.
I remember the first time to know him was when he visited our church here in Dar es Salaam, It as a blessing to our church and the members, we really received what god intended for.
You will always be remembered for your contribution in the body of Christ.
CRY Not God is the Giver and Taker.
Martin P.Mgombere, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
2013-08-07, 06:41
I remember the time Dr Tayo and the members of newwine church visited our church, it was really a blessing to us, we received what God Intended for. We will always remember and cherish the Good work he did in the body of christ at large.,though we are going to miss the good programmes he offered, We celebrate his Life in Christ name.
martin p.mgombere, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
2013-08-07, 06:34
Dr. Tayo, i remember the moment He visited us at our church together with the member of his church, it was a blessing to us, i was also a good followers of various programme presented by him. We will cherish your work always.
Nicholas A. Stone : Trinidad, West Indies.
2013-08-06, 23:15
What an immense shock !!! I watch regularly on Inspiration TV here in Trinidad. My heart goes out to his family. May Allmighty God keep them and Strengthen them. He is Trully A Great Man of GOD and will be Greatly missed by all Mankind
Panseta, London
2013-08-06, 22:17
Man of God may you rest sweetly in the everlasting arms of JEHOVAH the Great Creator of heaven & earth. My sympathy to the entire families (church&immediate) of Dr Tayo. The HOLY SPIRIT is your Comforter. Shalom!
Dr Anthony Eziashi
2013-08-06, 16:41
What a miss, but left foot prints may The Lord God honour n reward your Labour, in Jesus name. We will miss you but God knows the Best. May The Lord comfort your family n the church at this time.
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