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Yommy Taiwo Nigeria
2013-07-06, 13:43
Dr. Tayo Adeyemi, You have signficiantly impacted my life...your messages change my life so much...imagine a world without Dr.Tayo.Rest in Christ Jesus
Ben-Wiile K Golo
2013-07-06, 13:43
Your contribution to our generation of Christians, especially the Charismatic family, is undoubtedly immense and it is with heavy hearts we receive the news that you have gone too soon. We however believe you have fulfilled your mission, which has been well executed, and may the Good Lord grant you eternal rest and peace. Fare thee well, Dr Tayo.
millie- Ghana
2013-07-06, 13:43
I write this with a heavy heart, I couldn't stop the tears when i heard of Pastor Adeyemi's demise, I have been listening to him on city fm for almost two years now, and the invaluable wisdom and Godly teachings he impacted my life with will live with me for generations yet unborn. I always look forward to his messages on sundays.
may the Good Lord receive his soul; and to the immediate family please be encouraged and know that the sufferings of this world has ended for him and that he is at peace and at home with his maker, until we meet again.
it is indeed well with your souls, to the wife and kids and the entire new wine family.
Pastor Mrs Afolake Hassan Fulfilled Life Evangelical Ministry Brampton,Ontario Canada
2013-07-06, 13:42
I give God the glory for your life Pastor Tayo Adeyemi,God knows best and He admonishes us not to sorrow concerning them which are asleep I Thes 4:13.I never met you but always watched your programs on KICCTV when i was in Oman in the Middle East, I was really blessed through your teachings .You were a blessing to the body of Christ and the world at large.You left us too soon!!! Unquestionable God has the final say! The Holy Spirit will comfort and be with your family and the New Wine Church families always in Jesus name . R.I.P Pastor Tayo!!
The Walcotts - Hillsong Church London
2013-07-06, 13:42
A man of great purpose, servant hood and a passion for God and his will in his people and community. May his cry for a people, a government and a world with God never end. God bless you, his wife, family and the new wine church as we express our deepest condolences to you.
Yede Daniel Lagos.
2013-07-06, 13:42
My Pastor, rest In peace. We will meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ.
May the Lord uphold the wife and children. Amen. Aud
Pastor Gbemiga Oluwadare
2013-07-06, 13:41
Dr Tayo was a great servant of God, who passionately fulfilled the divine assignment. His legacy lives on!! Rest in peace my beloved Dr Adeyemi. To live is Christ and to die is gain.
Ayo O
2013-07-06, 13:41
My Dear Pastor

I miss you so much but I'm glad you now have eternal peace. Thank you for guiding me with the word and supporting me in your prayers. I remember how you gave me a hug one Easter Sunday after service and how you also supported my wife with Godly advice.

You will be missed from all parts of the world; we rejoice in knowing you are with our father in Heaven!
From Pastors Clem and Marjorie Esomowei Triumphant Church International, North London
2013-07-06, 13:40
Dr Tayo Adeyemi. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Gone too early but no one can question God Almighty whom you served so zealously. Thank you so very much for setting a high standard of excellence for the body of Christ in the United Kingdom. Our prayers go out to your entire family, New Wine Church and all your close associates. Rest in peace.
Adaobi I
2013-07-06, 13:39
You will forever live in our heart and in our life... from all the anointed gospel you have preached and touched life's. May the holy spirit comfort your family and May your Gentle Soul rest in Perfect Peace. ....Amen! God knows best and loves you more.
Peter-Huddersfield ,UK
2013-07-06, 13:38
May his soul rest in perfect peace,I will never forget his message that changed my life and way of thinking in 2000..The Four Cardinal point of Success .We love You Pastor,Rest In Peace.
Leah Olaniyan
2013-07-06, 13:38
You will greatly be missed, Rest in the perfect eternal peace.
Amusa N. Olusegun Lagos, Nigeria.
2013-07-06, 13:38
I know him via his telecast on OGTV several years ago...his demise came quite shocking to me. Thank God for the hope of eternity. God bless your memories and keep your household + ministry.
Rest peacefully in the bossom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Debes Chino (Ukraine)
2013-07-06, 13:37
Very hard to believe and somewhat a bad news, but God be praised now and forever. May he rest in peace. I commiserate with the family, relations and the entire New Wine family to live up to his legacy and continue with the baton he has left behind. God bless.
Soji Mebude
2013-07-06, 13:37
Dr Adeyemi lived and left his footprint on the sand of time, may God grant him eternal rest.
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