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Priscilla appleh
2013-07-06, 13:59
Dr Tayo, though you've gone to be with the Lord, your works, voice and deeds are going to be with us forever . You have fought the good fight , you have finished the race and now is the time for the crown of glory . May you find rest in the bosom of the our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ till we all meet on that day when there will be no more crying and sorrow. Fare thee well
TV viewer in Cardiff , South Wales.
2013-07-06, 13:59
We are shocked to hear that this Man of God has gone home as we were hoping to have his life transforming teachings once more . We express our deepest thoughts and prayers to his family and his church at this time .Dr Tayo has gone home to his eternity and will rest in peace .He has run the race and has accomplished his Divine Mandate on this earth .He Was still young but he has done so well & has left a legacy for this generation. May the peace of God and Grace be upon you all .
Destiny ihuoma Chinenye Oparah.
2013-07-06, 13:58
l want to send this condolence message to pastor Tayo Adeyemi's family , especially to his three sons who he left behind. May God grant you all the fortitude to bear your loss. Pastor Tayo Adeyemi was a great man ,a visionary and indeed a great influence (positively of course) to many people including myself.
We will miss him and his teaching ministry.
Bruce Ighalo, Bromley, Kent.
2013-07-06, 13:58
I am not a member of Newwine Church but Pastor Tayo is the most prepared and most organised preacher I have ever come across. I will miss his inspirational voice.
Solomon Adeusi, Lagos, Nigeria
2013-07-06, 13:57
A very painful loss. O God! But you do know best.
May his gentle soul rest in peace.
DEACON 'Dara Adebimpe , OGTV, Nigeria
2013-07-06, 13:56
Pastor Ola and Olu Oyedepo
2013-07-06, 13:56
God is the ultimate decider. You were a light and taught the word with clarity. May your work prosper and your legacy never vanish.
You have gone to a better place. Will meet you on the right side of the father when the time is due.
Steve Clifford, General Director of the Evangelical Alliance
2013-07-06, 13:56
Dr Tayo has been a gift to the body of Christ not simply in this nation but across the globe. We thank God for his life and the fruit of his ministry expressed in so many lives. We pray for those close to him, his family and the New Wine Church, that they will know God’s peace and comfort at this time of sadness and loss.
Mr & Mrs A Jimoh
2013-07-06, 13:55
Words cannot express how much I miss you but how thankful I am to have had the privilege of learning & growing under your tutelage. Though you have gone home, I am still sad and miss u very much. Your excellence in teaching logically, practically, easy-to-understand for a deaf person like me and sometimes humorously was what took me back to New Wine Church after my first visit. I wouldn't be the woman I am today if not for the privilege to have been blessed by the ministry of NWC. You guided me back to my First Love and saved my life. We rejoice knowing your pain is over, your work is finished, you have left an incredible legacy and you are at last sleeping in the bosom of God until we meet again. Sleep in perfect peace, Dad.

Our thoughts and prayers to Lady J, a Pillar of Faith and Strength, and the Adeyemi family.
Joe and Eno Atta...Atlanta Georgia
2013-07-06, 13:55
How could I ever forget how you took me under your covering when you met me...made time to talk to me...and help me even with my personal projects. You taught me that real christianity is what happens outside the church...caring for the broken. I told you I want to write a book, and you even proof read the entire manuscript and launched it for me when it was all done. How could I ever forget your texts on my birthday...never failed once even though I moved far away to another continent. I will never forget you...
Ngozi Russell
2013-07-06, 13:54
I thank God for the encouragement Pastor Tayo gave me in my inter-racial relationship. The focus was Christ and not tradition. Thank you for giving so much to empower relationships. God rest you, till we meet to praise Him again!
Gbenga Awotunde
2013-07-06, 13:54
Yet to recover from the shock of the loss of this God's general.....you have impacted my life with your dynamic teachings. Pray your gentle soul rest in peace.
'Yomi Olagbemi, London UK.
2013-07-06, 13:54
Rest in Peace Pastor Tayo, sorely missed but God loves you more. I pray God will comfort the Adeyemi family and fill the void with His peace during this period. Your life and ministry made such an impact and may your legacy continue to impact generations. Only God can truly comfort the body of Christ, there are not enough words to say to capture the impact you've made. Yes, you have fought a good fight and now enjoying the reward of your dedication and service to God. You are forever in our hearts. God will strengthen New Wine Church through this time.
Elizabeth, London
2013-07-06, 13:54
I enjoyed listening to this great teacher of the Word of God. Rest well Sir. May the Holy Spirit comfort the family. All is well.
2013-07-06, 13:53
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