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2013-07-06, 14:07
RIP I was a regular listener to his radio programme at premier in the evening .
Nicola & David kateeba
2013-07-06, 14:06
Our sincere condolence s to you all pastor
2013-07-06, 14:06
May you rest in perfect peace.
2013-07-06, 14:05
One of God's general has gone home, I was privileged to have drank from his anointing, sleep in the bosom of the lord where you deserve to be. We love, but God loves you more. May God give your family and the church the gratitude to bare the loss.
Elizabeth Akindeji
2013-07-06, 14:05
Pastor Tayo you will be greatly missed. We love you but Jesus loves you best. Rest in peace till we meet at the bossom of Abraham where we part no more. My condolences to Lady J and the entire Adeyemi family.
Olawale A Kushimo UK
2013-07-06, 14:04
Pastor Tayo; He was NOT just a servant, he Raised & Mentored a billion leaders. I am one of them. May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace. He will surely be missed, but his legacy will forever live on. A True Gem!
Yetunde R. O. Ireland
2013-07-06, 14:04
Dr Tayo Adeyemi ..... I am still in shock. I now know Iwill never have the opportunity to meet you in person to say thank you. I am grateful to God for your life...... in the course of fulfilling the purpose of GOD ALMIGHTY for your life; you touched mine with your television ministry. The Lord used you to pull me out of depression & despondency, as a teacher I learned how to develop a meaningful quiet time (with bible, notebook & pen), above all hearing from God. You are a winner although taken too soon......
Rest in glory pastor Tayo. My heartfelt condolences to Pastor Mrs Adeyemi & the entire member of New Wine Church.
Phina Oruche
2013-07-06, 14:03
Pastor and inspirational teacher, I got many valuable lesson from Pastor Tayo. I remember him saying "Make God famous" I really like that. He did, by every act and decision. I pray for his wife and three sons, absent from the body is home with the Lord. I trust God's timing, but this is hard. His legacy continues, New Wine and his work, his heart, his spirit of excellence. He provided me with valuable instruction. He brought brilliant speakers. His work here I'd finished.
Kay Ladd
2013-07-06, 14:03
Pastor Tayo, yours was a beautiful life lived for the propagation of God's work and expansion of His kingdom. You rightly divided the word of truth in a remarkable way and helped many to come to know Christ - these are the many stars in your crown! Sleep on faithful servant!
For the immediate, extended and church family members , I pray that the Great Comforter will console you and reassure you that it is indeed well with Pastor Tayo.
For the New Wine leadership, I pray that the Holy Spirit in-dwell you anew so that the church will indeed GO FORWARD and unto a higher level. May The Lord strengthen you.
Gbolahan Lagos Nigeria
2013-07-06, 14:02
I was really longing to meet you one day one on one but death why? but may not see you again on earth but i know we will see in heaven one day.
Pastor Darlington Chinedu Dike.
2013-07-06, 14:01
Weep not people of God. Pastor Adeyemi is not dead. He just fell asleep in the Lord. The Lord Himself will wake him up at the right time. See you later man of God.
NTCG Sydenham
2013-07-06, 14:01
"Dr Tayo remains alive in our hearts and ministry"
Yomi Kolawole, Ibadan, Nigeria
2013-07-06, 14:01
I Loved Him so much. Apart from everything else he did, he touched this life, he impacted this destiny. He messages turned my life around, he will ever remain an ICON in my heart. I've always wish for an opportunity to meet him one-on-one, but now that wish is not going to be granted. But I know 'Its is better to be with the Lord.........', so am not going to shed a tear. But the light you lit in my heart, am going to pass it on. May your soul rest in peace! i will always keep a memory of you deep inside my heart, for you touched my life the way nobody else ever did.
Toyin Sawyerr
2013-07-06, 14:00
Quite shocking, even though I became aware of his ailment some few months back. He actually impacted lives that can be imagined. May his ever bubbling soul remain rested with the Lord till the resurrection morning. Adieu my Pastor.
2013-07-06, 14:00
You opened my eyes. You opened my heart. In your obedience, I and countless, countless others found hope. Hope that lasts forever. I love you Pastor Tayo. I will see you again soon!
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