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Jovita Melbourne, Australia
2013-08-13, 11:27
Pastor Tayo,
Your teaching has been a blessing to many. Its sad that you left so soon. May the good Lord grant you eternal rest.
Pst. Ben Okojie .London
2013-08-12, 22:02
Gone so soon pastor, you've inparted us so much with words that had transformed lives and change ministries positively. You'll be missed , may your soul rest in peace.
Tony & Elizabeth Ajala, Kent UK
2013-08-12, 12:59
You were a great orator, teacher and visionary reader. You taught us how important it is to keep the faith despite the challenges we face every day, especially when you were going through them yourself. The many teachings you delivered through the media wide were thought provoking, inspiring, challenging and uplifting to our spiritual life. The world will miss you, a good and faithful servant of the Lord, but what a crown that awaits you in heaven! New Wine, in particular, will continue to fly the flag because of the great legacy you have left behind. Thank you for feeding the flock with excellence. Your life was very brief on this earth... Gone too soon. You were a son, a brother, a husband, a father, an uncle and friend.
Rest well!
'Bhayoor & 'Dupe Otugoson, UK.
2013-08-12, 05:33
You have gone in body but, your spirit is still impacting soul all around the world. Sleep well the humble servant of the Creator.
Fikelephi Jackson, United Kingdom, Kent
2013-08-11, 21:37
Pastor Tayo, Today, I am an Author, a Mentor, and a Speaker because of your obedience, your teaching, your support. I thank God for the day you were born. You have raised me up by God's grace, today I can stand on my two feet! In my grief you were with my family, in celebration you were there! You have impacted my family, my extended family & friends. Pastor Tayo, I will not forget you. I will make you proud by picking up the barton & by GOING FORWARD, to the four corners of the world to all whom I have been called to! Rest in Peace Pastor Tayo
Jolayemi, London
2013-08-11, 17:12
This is a man of God. MAY HIS PERFECT SOUL REST IN PEACE. May God be with his wife and children and his entire family.
Adeola Akinrinola, Canada
2013-08-11, 17:06
You came, You fought, you won and you left fruits behind. Thank u for doing what you did. I can focus on excellence because of your teachings. You put a new face to church life. Have a good rest in His bosom. Lady J, the Lord will keep you and comfort you. Pastor Michael, thank you for being faithful. I have no doubt the church will carry on the legacy. till we meet at His feet, good night
Name and Location
2013-08-11, 10:54
2013-08-11, 10:53
Your teachings via the television have inspired me so greatly. Your death a very painful loss to me.
Okereke family
2013-08-11, 10:10
Dr Tayo, A true legend has gone home. We shall see again in that glorious morning. Your teachings were inspiring and you demonstrated to us how to keep the faith even you were facing your own challenges. You will be greatly missed. Rest in the blossom of the almighty.
Eugenia Kula-Ameyaw, Johannesburg , South Africa
2013-08-11, 09:20
Man of Excellence , May His Soul rest in peace, Lives were not just changes but enhanced by your teaching
Eugenia Kula-Ameyaw
2013-08-11, 09:14
Pastor Tayo has sown a seed in my own life and my family.Dynamic teacher of the Word, God displayed His Excellence through Him. That one alone church my perception of church and that a church can Excel in all respect even more that Listed Companies. Dr Tayo pioneered a church that did the Word. In my few weeks in London in Dec 2003 I was proud as an African to serve in Dapartment that parked the Christmas hampers. I think they were 2000 hampers with quality products and the biggest Turkeys. When we serve people the hampers I knew that the Lord blesses you in the city and village, irrespective of race.Later in a year I was studying in Oxford I would drive to London some Sundays just for the service. I always says the New Wine is a benchmark of Excellence in Ministry. Your crown is decorated in heaven for the impartation on the few and we went back to our Nation and became better servants.
Faith Okoye
2013-08-11, 02:30
Pastor Tayo was a general in the Lord's army.Goodnight my brother,till that glorious morning
Grafield Blair Jamaica
2013-08-10, 20:30
His ministry has help mould my life for God glory, he will be sadly miss
Essie In Australia
2013-08-10, 11:43
You impacted my life indeed man of God .you will truly be missed.you were a soldier in the kingdom of God.we thank God for your life .
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