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PY, Lagos
2013-07-06, 14:23
God rests the soul of a great general! The memory of the righteous is blessed!!! We shall see you soon sir! Continue to rest in Him, even as you have fought a good fight and have kept the faith.
Bro. Clement 'Tunji Ojediran
2013-07-06, 14:22
No one has power in the day of death. No one can wrestle with the One Who created His being. When He gives He gives for His glory and when He chooses to ask for the homecoming of His elect it is His prerogative and not of someone else. Alas! I have lost a friend and brother of 38 years, my pastor of 13 years and a juggernaut in the faith, an apostle unto many who believe, a terror to the territory of the devil and a rock hewed from sapphire. I believe the angels are awaiting the glorious return of his elect and Him Who commissioned His elect cannot wait any longer for He cannot wait any longer to have him back. Death is not the end of the journey home it is the beginning! Horses never refused to run homewards. Therefore 'Lift up your heads, O ye gates, and be ye lifted up, ye everlasting doors..' and my friend and brother of 38 years, my pastor of 9 years, a juggernaut in the faith, and an apostle unto many who believe shall come in!
Akinola Oke On behalf of CCC Edward street parish.
2013-07-06, 14:22
From ages to age you remain Lord thank you Lord for sharing one of your wonderful gifts in person of your beloved son pastor Tayo.
We who you met on the way still reverberate and fill the echoes of your encouraging and uplifting sermons, words; you have indeed left a big footprint in the sand of time and life we draw strength from the fact that you were sent by God for such a time as these to impact humanity and being joyful that he who began a Good thing in you was faithful to complete it in you therefore we of the Celestial Church of Christ Edward street parish commiserate with the Adeyemis, the New wine church of God, the whole community at large we pray the Lord to strengthen you to bear this loss but been aware that he rests in the bosom of the Lord.
We say a big good night pastor Tayo. ADEIU TILL WE MEET IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD

Hannah Abuja
2013-07-06, 14:21

May his soul rest in Peace.
Olajide O. Fadahunsi, UK
2013-07-06, 14:21
Death is inevitable. Sleep well in thy Lord.
2013-07-06, 14:21
Pastor Tayo, I remember you, ever soo positive, a powerful teacher of God's word, a philanthropist who made a huge mark on the community particularly Greenwich, a loving husband and proud father and your touch of excellence could clearly be seen as one walks through the doors of New Wine Church. How can I forget your resilience, even in a wheel chair, you still pastured your flock as much as you could and came out to teach as regularly as you could. Sir, you've lived a great and exemplary life which we the younger generation hope to emulate in our lifetime, following you as you followed Jesus. There is no doubt, you lived the Christian life, all for Jesus, holding nothing back, now it's your time to rest, in the bossom of our Lord, Rest on, Till we meet to part no more. Well done, thou good & faithful servant..
Edward Parish London .
2013-07-06, 14:20
I blessed God for Pastor Tayo's life. He served God the way he knows how, which I believe is fulfilled & honourable to God our creature our saviour Jesus Christ. He'll be greatly missed. I pray his gentle soul rest in peace till we meet to part no more IJMN AMEN. Adeiu!!!

Prophetess Wealthy Adegoke of Celestial Church of Christ,
C Obasohan and family
2013-07-06, 14:19
It was John Maxwell who said âPeople don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. You were a man of great wisdom and a man with a very big heart. I got to know you for just 4 years but it felt like I had known you forever because I felt the warmth of your embrace. Rest In Peace Dr. Tayo Adeyemi - My 7 Star General.
Chiedozie Egesi
2013-07-06, 14:19
Never met you in person, Pastor Tayo, but your Maximize Life program and many others from your ministry really helped me to bring much out of my life. Still bringing much. Thank God for bringing you our way. My heart goes out to your wife and children. Comfort, comfort. And do stay in The Lord's blossom until the morning.
kenney kuton
2013-07-06, 14:18
My thought and prayer goes to the wife & children of Dr Tayo Adeyemi at this difficult time, who at this time may be asking God why this happened to them. My sincere prayer is that his legacy will linger on for generations yet unborn.
2013-07-06, 14:18
You truly inspired me for a better level of thinking and living, when you came to the Excellence in Leadership Conference (ELC) at Daystar Christian Center, Lagos, Nigeria.

I have no fear, 'cos i believe u're with our father & maker... Rest on Bro
Pastor Alex Gyasi Highway of Holiness church Tottenham.
2013-07-06, 14:17
Pastor Tayo ,the body of Christ will miss your impactful preaching of the word of God. Thanks for your counsel and support. You served The Lord with all your being, and now a crown of glory awaits you. See you in glory someday my brother.
2013-07-06, 14:16
A shocking demise of a gem. Your messages open my inner eyes to the beauty of the word of God. You will be greatly missed. My heartfelt condolences go to your wife and kids.
2013-07-06, 14:15
I praise God for such a gifted human being, your no nonsense approach to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ will stay with me.
Ibijoke Israel
2013-07-06, 14:15
Dear Pastor,
Your Words of Wisdom and Counsel guided me through my early days in UK. You were a great inspiration to my family and I. Many have lived beyond these years with little imprint on this generation - you have left much. As your family and the church goes through this season, I pray the great comforter will shine the light of hope and strength in them. Goodnight Sir.
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