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Rev Reuben Obeng. ICGC-CAPE COAST
2013-07-06, 14:48
May the comforter comfort the church and the family. His words are still fresh in my mind. Dr TAYO! You are gone but Your messages are still alive. Rest In Peace.
Mrs Esther Akatti Ghana
2013-07-06, 14:48
Pastor Tayo may your soul rest in perfect peace i pray that our Lord will keep your soul .Thank for blessing mine life with your word and teaching am a blessing today and was able to live a life of faithfulness while i lived and worship under your ministry.I love you my pastor and i have prayed for you but God know best .May you rest peacefully in the hands of God .Amen
Jude .O. O.
2013-07-06, 14:47
God bless his Soul. Sleep well pastor
Charles Ola - Daniel WATERSQUARE
2013-07-06, 14:47
Thank you Pastor Tayo for showing me the excellence dimension of Ministry work. I rejoice because you are better off in heaven even though your death was unexpected.
I celebrate you sir.
Mr & Mrs Adefeyisan
2013-07-06, 14:47
God knows best! May the soul of departed Pastor Tayo Adeyemi rest in peace and may God give his family the courage to bear the loss.
Pastor Stephen Page
2013-07-06, 14:46
I didn't know Pastor Tayo well but have been inspired by the church he has build in Woolwich. I have also often been blessed when I have heard his ministry and I thank God for his testimony and impact for the Kingdom of God in South London
Hannah Thompson
2013-07-06, 14:46
I still remember the first time I heard you preach, it was simple but yet so powerful. Anytime I visited woolwich, I was excited to hear you speak. Through your ministry many received hope, encouragement and direction for their lives. God bless you for availing yourself for His service . Rest in perfect peace.
Amanda Enukorah, Nigeria
2013-07-06, 14:45
Rest on pastor Tayo. You were a special gift to this generation.Thank You for leaving such a wonderful legacy. we love you .
The Chris Kuye's
2013-07-06, 14:45
You have left behind a solid foundation and your memories will be with us forever.
Rest in the bossom of The Lord.
Bayo Ifebajo, Lagos, Nigeria.
2013-07-06, 14:44
It is hard to believe that Pastor Tayo is gone. I never met you in person but your messages have touched my life in several ways, including that of my family. I have lost a father, a mentor and a pastor. I have desired so much to meet you in person but that will no longer be until we meet to part no more. Your message "So You Want More Money" brought me out of debt. Oh Pastor Tayo, how I will miss you. You teach with depths of the Word of God with so much clarity. You have touch several lives.
I pray the Lord grant your family and the church the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
Adieu Pastor Tayo
2013-07-06, 14:44
With deepest gratitude to our father in The Lord pastor Tayo A., your words, work, worship and world will live on. Our father, almighty God wants your services in heaven. RIP pastor T. We will miss you daddy.....
Enoch Alamu
2013-07-06, 14:44
Your teaching on Don't give up on dream was the beginning of a life changing moment in my life. So sad about your sudden departure but I know you are in better place where we meet to part no more.
2013-07-06, 14:43
Pastor Tayo, you were the kind of Christian that I aspire to be. You expressed great passion, compassion, warmth, and wisdom. In addition, notwithstanding your awesome intellect, you were full of humility and grace. I count it a privilege to have been taught by you and I am so grateful to have sat under your ministry. You have handed to us a great vision; you have taught us well and equipped us with all that we need to accomplish the work that you cared so deeply about. By the grace of God, we will make you proud of us...
Pastor Timi Adebowale
2013-07-06, 14:43
I met you only once but my ministry is greatly blessed by your revelation of the Word on TV. My wife and I are greatly saddened. Rest in perfect peace, servant of the Lord.
Rev. Dr. Wilson Araromi
2013-07-06, 14:42
Words will not be enough to express our shock at the news of your sudden transition. God alone knows why you have to depart at this time but we rest our hope and faith in His infalliibility and the fact that He never forgets our labour in His vineyard. He will surely grant you eternal rest and provide the strength and fortitude to our beloved sister Joke, your sons, your family, the New Wine Church worldwide and the body of Christ in general to bear this great loss.
Good night my brother, till we meet at the feet of Jesus.
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