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Dapo Williams and Family (London)
2013-07-06, 15:01
So sad to hear of the passing of an excellent preacher and a man of God.
Dr Tayo inspired many people during his journey on earth through his preaching. We thank God for his gift to the Christian world. Dr Tayo has now gone to be with his creator for peaceful and everlasting rest. I join other sympathisers in sending this heartfelt condolence to the Adeyemis and the New Wine Family all over.
May his gentle soul Rest in Peace.
Toyin+Jim Ololade
2013-07-06, 15:01
Pastor Tayo
Indeed you are a great teacher you made the Word of God very simple to understand. Thank you for giving to the Lord. You are now in a better place and finally at peace, you will be sorely missed but your good deeds lives on.
Rest in the bosom of the Almighty God.
We pray that God continue to release strength to Lady J, the Adeyemi's and the entire NWC families.
Segun Elegbeleye
2013-07-06, 15:00
He is, who he was; he becomes what he was becoming: a beacon of achievable excellence for others to follow. In calibrated tangle with death he won life, and is catapulted to the glory beyond. In animated silence the labor is accomplished, his works followed him. He cannot die, he rests, oh! blessed rest.
Dr Kome Efue, Birmingham
2013-07-06, 15:00
I am shocked to hear of this sad loss. Dr Tayo came to Birmingham Christian Centre many years ago and that's when I met him. His personality shone brightly and we all admired his honesty and friendliness. I received the NewWine magazine for a while and each time, it ministered very much to me. I pray that Father will strengthen his widow and children - and of course the rest of the family, as well as the fellowship. To God be the glory for Dr Tayo's life and influence. Peace, perfect peace at last.
Marcia Dixon, Editor, Keep The Faith magazine
2013-07-06, 14:58
Thank God for Dr Tayo's life and ministry. He may have departed from this life, but he is with the Lord, and his great spiritual legacy lives on in the men and women who became born again through his preaching of God's word and his good works. My condolences to his wife, family and church. My prayer is that God will be with you during this difficult time.
Allan Porter
2013-07-06, 14:57
Great man of God! He impacted my life while i was struggling in the world. I was moved by his messages and eventually gave my life to Christ. I will describe him as a humble person who touched so many lives. He also served the local community (woolwich) wholeheartedly. He deserves the biggest mansion in heaven. RIP
Mrs Yinka Odunayo
2013-07-06, 14:57
Dr Tayo,
The night has come and the labor is over, enter your rest and receive your royal welcome. May the Lord comfort the church especially the New Wine family and stand by your wife and children. The world will miss your impactful teachings. Sleep on and rest in peace.
Olusi Babjide
2013-07-06, 14:57
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace on the bosom of the Lord, His presence will be missed on this Earth but think of this:
Instead of mourning the loss on Earth, imagine the addition in Heaven.
Pastor Stephen Moses, India
2013-07-06, 14:56
A word about Joseph Dr Tayo preached inspired me to move full time into the ministry. A great teacher of the Word. May the Lord comfort the family and the church in these tough moments. Will be praying...
David Ajibade Liverpool UK
2013-07-06, 14:56
This is a big shock to me because im always impacted by his teachings on tv. I will really miss him. May he rest in perfect peace in Heaven. My prayer to his family and the entire New wine Church
Pastor Kunle Adeite
2013-07-06, 14:55
what can we say but to say thank you lord for your son pastor bro Tayo Adeyemi I will ever remember your zeal and inspiration in the beginning of upper Room fellowship and your unequal steadfastness by standing by me on the issue that you ask me not to consider and the fact that when I got back I still call you were still there to assist in the court and the fact that God use you so much that the prophesy came to pass that you will preach the Gospel all over the world may the name of the Lord be praise forever for what He did through you and for new wine church from the basement Greenwich council hall to the great height you have taking it sleep in the bossom of your Lord. good night.
2013-07-06, 14:54
thanks Pastor Tayo for been a blessing to my life and ministry.I rememeber receiving the marching order to go ahead in ministries whilst in one of your classic message years back.You thought me how to run a cell group excellently.I am grateful to God and thank him for your life.You have left a mark that can not be erased.I look forward to meeting you in heaven when am also done with my assignment over here on the side of life.Thanks for fulfil destiny.
2013-07-06, 14:53
RIP pastor tayo u will be always in ur hearts today and forever more ..
Akindele and Adebola Fawehinmi.
2013-07-06, 14:52
May his soul rest in perfect peace.
Adesanya Adekunle
2013-07-06, 14:49
it is indeed a great loss to this generation that such a great man as Dr Tayo Adeyemi left so soon...you have lived a life of purpose and you have achieved the great excess for living impacting peoples life...I can never forget how your message has impact my life, encourage, motivate given me hope, and strenght to be who i am today. you will continue to live in our heart may your gentle soul rest in persfect peace.......
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