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2013-07-06, 15:08
Dr. Tayo we loved you so much, but the Lord loved you more. May our Almighty God rest your soul in eternal peace.
Dr Abel Adegoke
2013-07-06, 15:08
Ha Tayo,
I still cannot believe I am reading this that you died.
I am very proud of all you did in the Kingdom of God and for humanity
Your brilliance and excellence for which I have always known you since our medical school days will ever remain with me.
This is a great loss to humanity but a great gain to you in Christ
Continue to rest in the Lord your God whom you served faithfully
Paul Ocholla
2013-07-06, 15:08
You were the Pastor by whom I came to really know and accept Christ in my life. You were the Pastor who baptised me, taught me the word and gave me a solid foundation in my faith. Without you in my life I would have never been the man I am now. I am both sad to hear you leave us but also happy to know you did you part in His will and now you rest in His arms forever in peace. I will miss you Pastor Tayo.
Rev Adedayo Ige
2013-07-06, 15:07
It's not how long you live but how well, this man of God with his short life he has influenced people positively all over the world. We pray that the Holy Spirit who is the Comforter to comfort his family and the Church. He was truly a teacher of the Word. He will be sadly missed but we should rejoice because He is now at home with the Lord.
Pastor Clement Okusi The Potters House Church Croydon
2013-07-06, 15:07
Very shocked at this news! I knew (along with many others) his ministry from a distanceand enjoyed several of his teachings. May God be a source of comfort and strength to his family and friends at this time. 2nd Cor 5:8 tobe absent from the bosy is to be present with the Lord....
Pastor Gabriel Ikyemtu
2013-07-06, 15:06
A great servant of God who will be remembered for the great work, excellent leadership and for the many lives he touched across the nations of the world. May his soul rest in perfect peace.
2013-07-06, 15:06
You were not just a 'SPEAKER' of the word; You were a 'DOER'. Thank You Sir !!!
2013-07-06, 15:05
Pastor T as we fondly called him, was a great teacher, a friendly and a lovely man! We will miss him very much but God knows best!
Eniola Akerele
2013-07-06, 15:05
Heartbroken,Rest in the bosom of the Almighty God Sir,because he loves you more than we do,you will be greatly missed.
Toyin+Jim Ololade
2013-07-06, 15:04
Pastor Tayo
Indeed you are a great teacher you made the Word of God very simple to understand. Thank you for giving to the Lord. You are now in a better place and finally at peace, you will be sorely missed but your good deeds lives on.
Rest in the bosom of the Almighty God.
We pray that God continue to release strength to Lady J, the Adeyemi's and the entire NWC families.
2013-07-06, 15:04
As a former member of New wine church, Pastor Tayo was my spiritual leader.What a great teacher we will miss.As the word of GOD says,in everything, we just have to thank GOD.He has decided to take Pastor Tayo away from us, there is a reason somewhere but the pain of separation is there.Pastor TAYO, your words...your teachings..your voice...your impact in us WILL ALWAYS BE.Rest in peace. May the Lord give strenght to your family and to new wine church to overcome this difficult time.
Yomi Ajayi.
2013-07-06, 15:03
I am who I am because of words of God and messages he impacted into my life, I am no body when i became New Wine Church member in year 2000, but now i can give God the Glory that i am blessed and this was made possible through his teaching & ministry, i was able to change & re-new my thinking, position and strength that is in me. Pastor Tayo Adeyemi may the God Almighty console your wife and children. "He has fought the good fight, He has finished the race, He has kept the faith: it is now our duty to continue fighting the good fight, winning the race and keeping the faith!" MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE
Minister Toks Adeoye
2013-07-06, 15:03
On behalf of the Adeoye family (Late Dipo Adeoye family), we send our condolence to the New Wine Church and the entire Adeyemi family at this time of bereavement. May the Lord who is our comforter, stand and comfort you all during this time, may His peace rest upon your hearts, and may He strengthen and keep the family (Church and his home) intact and together, in Jesus name.
Liztoyin (Member)
2013-07-06, 15:02
Pastor Tayo,
I am still in shock that an inspiration is lost. A man the devil and his entire kingdom cannot handle. You stood for what you believed in throughout. Great mentor and teacher; incredible leader;
Man of excellence, you are too much and you will be missed forever. Well-done for the great work and thank God for giving me the privilege to be one of you church member. We love you however; Daddy loves you more than we do. Sleep well great hero. Adieu!
May the Lord grant us the fortitude to bear the great loss of our spiritual father; May He uphold and console the entire biological family and may God’s divine knowledge, wisdom, understanding and spirit of oneness dwell among associate pastor, ministers and all the board members in Jesus’ name. Also, I pray that his death will not be a mutual thing among us in Jesus name.
Noreen Makosewe Radical Leap International
2013-07-06, 15:02
A tribute to a man who impacted so many lives without knowing how much. The words of wisdom you shared every Sunday refreshed a weary soul that had lost faith in leadership and was ready to throw-in the towel of worship ministry. I found rest in the sanctuary of pure excellence you created and led for so many years. Your leadership footsteps were worth emulating. It was in the New Wine pews one Sunday morning that the gifts I always knew I had within were released. I can say without a doubt that because you were obedient to your calling with such excellence, my dreams were unleashed and I've never looked back. I will be forever grateful that God sent you. Rest in peace, Man of Valour. May your home family and church family find strength through this time. "Goodnight", until we meet again.
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