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Solape Epega
2013-07-06, 17:23
Tayo, a true general of the 21st century in god's army. Your teachings impact lives positively. Your legacy speaks volumes. The angels are rejoicing. We are comforted by the fact that your life was one that fulfilled purpose. Good night.
Sis Faith. Ireland
2013-07-06, 17:17
A great man of a great God, adios, Pastor Tayo, he surely made a positive impact in his generation. May God comfort his family - children, wife and parents. He'll be greatly missed. A very lovely man has gone home but too soon. Rest in perfect peace my dear Pastor.
Chantel Campbell-Jarrett.
2013-07-06, 17:15
Dr. Tayo Adeyemi was an inspirational teacher, leader and pastor. I have enjoyed the privilege of listening to his life-changing sermons. I also enjoyed the wonderful opportunity of graduating from Believer's College (class of 2006) where my spirituality was deepened and my life was impacted for good. I am so grateful to God that Dr. Tayo availed himself for God's use as a mighty man of valour, instrument of righteousness and vessel of honour. Dr. Tayo has left a lasting legacy for generations to come. Like Apostle Paul, he has fought a good fight and kept the faith. May he continue to enjoy the sweet fellowship of the precious Holy Spirit now and for evermore. Much love.
'Lanre Oniasanmi, UK
2013-07-06, 17:11
A great motivator and an inspiration to younger generations. No doubt a huge loss to us all. May the Lord grant him eternal rest and be with the family and loved ones left behind.
Faith Aliago
2013-07-06, 17:10
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. My prayers and thought are with immediate and church family.
Miss Esther Bolaji
2013-07-06, 17:08
This is such a shock and a deeply saddened time. I always listened to his programme on Premier radio and loved it. I always felt encouraged. He will surely be missed. I pray that He is at rest now and I pray even more that his church remains the same and steadfast and always look back to the vision he had for the church. Please don't let the church become scattered or change into something other than what Pastor Tayo's vision was from God. My condolences to the family I am sooo sorry for your loss. I pray that you feel blessed and encouraged that you had a inspirational man as your father and I know that you guys will carry his legacy on. May God comfort you in this difficult time in Jesus' name, Amen.
Ndidi obasi Barking, Essex
2013-07-06, 17:07
I will never forget the day I heard your voice for the first time on premier Radio. I said to myself "this is a man of substance" and thereafter I listened to him in the evenings on Premier Radio. You are heaven's gain and our own deep loss. Thank God I heard you speak. Rest in peace
Barb Zimmer Speak The Word Church International Minneapolis, MN
2013-07-06, 17:06
My heart is broken over the loss of this wonderful man of God. He was truly a David--a man after God's own heart. Dr. Tayo was humble, genuine and soooo kind. He was so interested in helping people change their lives through the Word of God. He will be greatly missed.
Ade Asemota, Essex
2013-07-06, 17:05
A great man of God of our generation have been called home to his Lord and maker. We love you Pastor Tayo, but God whom you loved and served so diligently loved you more. Sleep well dear pastor, the memory of the righteous is blessed. You have impacted your generation and your legacy will live on.

We stand in prayer with our brothers and sisters of New Wine Church at this very difficult time and we say it is well with you all. May God comfort you all and the immediate family.
Rest in Peace at the bosom of your Lord and Saviour, Adieu dear Pastor.
2013-07-06, 17:04
Pastor T. Thank you for letting God use you to bless me. You taught me to live a life of significance. You have lived one, and your God is well pleased. Deeply missing you, and go forward we will.
Sade, London
2013-07-06, 17:03
June 30th 2013 will be the day I will love to forget. That day on the premier Christian radio news 7a.m Pastor Tayo Adeyemi of New Wine church has died. I thought it was a bad joke at that moment. Then it was like a bad dream in which I will wake up from, until Pastor Francis was interviewed live on air and then it dawned on me. I will miss his "no nonsense" style of preaching both on tv and radio.
Pastor Tunde Ayeni, Grceville Christian Centre, Abuja
2013-07-06, 16:54
Pastor Tayo, your years were few yet you lived long. Or how does one explain the impact of your life and ministry, you were not just a pastor, but a Pastors' Pastor. A trail blazer, Passionate about God, His Kingdom and His People. You have indeed left a legacy and many are glad that you were born. Either in Life or Death, you are a winner. Your insight was deep, your delivery was lucid, your mind clear. Good night Dr Tayo, Only eternity can reveal the full impact of your life. Our condolences to your Wife, the boys and the entire Newwine Family
Raphael Igwe and Family
2013-07-06, 15:48
Pastor Tayo Adeyemi, a rare gem among men, your teachings has impacted millions of Souls Worldwide and will continue to the last day. We will all go back to our creator someday but never expected yours so soon.. It's is not how far but how well, you have done more and have gone to rest in The Lord .
Kolawole Taiwo
2013-07-06, 15:47
When it comes to teaching of the Word with great insight and in-depth knowledge, Our Pastor (as my family will say) is so daring, practical irrespective of where the church is. Saying it the way it is, his style. Always longing to be like you someday.
WE LOVE YOU PASTOR TAYO. May GOD give the family fortitude to bear the loss... RIP SIR...
Name and Location
2013-07-06, 15:46
To the Family and Church,
Many things about tomorrow we don't seem to understand . But we know who holds tomorrow and we know he holds our lives.
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