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Lanre, Nigeria
2013-07-06, 19:14
Indeed it was a life well spent. Pastor Tayo blessed people around the world and more, people like me. Thank you Pastor. God keep the beautiful family you left behind.
Olu Oshunrinde, Essex
2013-07-06, 19:13
I thanked Almighty God for his life. Pastor Adeyemi has worked for the Lord he has left a legacy for us to emulate as he preached the Word of the Lord. For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord's.
Kemi Akinbodewa, Maryland, USA
2013-07-06, 19:12
I got to know and listened to the teachings of Dr. Tayo Adeyemi through my elder brother, who is a Pastor in Nigeria. Dr. Adeyemi was a dynamic teacher of the word. He taught the word with great simplicity and accuracy.
He was indeed a great blessing to me and the Church of Christ.
Denise Beckles,UK
2013-07-06, 19:10
Precious in his sight is the death of his saints. Pastor Tayo is resting in the arms of Jesus. In yet a little while we shall see him again. Well Done! thou good and faithful servant.
Pastor JD Abraham, "We Can Do Anything"
2013-07-06, 19:08
Its with a sad heart that I put these words down as I have sat under several messages that this mighty man of God has delivered with clarity and with selfless passion - from the early days of the ministry when our churches were only a few blocks apart. Kind Sir you have run your race and now handed the baton over to the rest of us to keep the gospel of Christ flowing till he returns.
To his loved ones.....take heart he is looking down on you all. New Wine Leaders, keep Pastor Tayo's dream alive - Stay under God's covering
Julius Ebie, South London
2013-07-06, 19:05
I am saddened and shocked by your departure. I thank God for your life and for the fact that your sermons were aired on sky TV; they were blessings as well as a form of spiritual and daily guidance to me. I pray for your family and church during this understandably emotional time, that they will be comforted, not discouraged and may continue to grow in faith in God.
Evang Chris Ekechi and family
2013-07-06, 19:04
May the Lord mercifully grant him rest in Jesus name. We must all be ready in holiness as none of us knows when the call to come back home will sound. God bless those he left behind.
Elaine, London
2013-07-06, 19:01
Sad to hear the passing away of Dr Tayo Adeyemi. May his gentle soul rest in peace. We cannot question GOD
Mr. and Mrs. Abakah-Adjin Ghana
2013-07-06, 19:00
It was difficult to accept the fact. We however take solace in the Lord. He gives and He takes. He knows what is best for us and He is able to keep His own. Lord teach us to number our days so we can apply our hearts to wisdom. We wonder why wicked men live and the days of the righteous are keep short. Whiles we ponder on these things that seem not to make any sense, we know in our hearts that the Lord rules in the affairs of men.
You have fought the good fight and you have won the race. Whiles others. might think you have left us,I believe you have gone to receive your crown. Weep not Mrs. Remember you have the Holy spirit to comfort you. He will guide your heart. Damrifa Dwe.
Dupe Aina,Your Classmate UCH 87
2013-07-06, 18:59
Dear Tayo,
Though your life was short, you impacted many! May you rest in Gods peace, Amin! May the good lord continue to comfort your family, your church family,, your collegues and friends!
Rev David Campbell, Regional Leader Elim Pentecostal Church, Metropolitan East and West Regions
2013-07-06, 18:58
Dr Tayo was a man of God who was comfortable with the poor or the great and good, because he was a great and a good man. Earth is the poorer for his loss but Heaven the richer. Dr Tayo was a good friend to the Elim Pentecostal Church and we offer our condolences to his loving family. We do not mourn as those with no hope; we do mourn, but we have the comfort of that sure and certain hope that we will all meet again around His feet.
Joseph Tomomewo, London
2013-07-06, 18:56
A general in the kingdom army under whose garrison many lives were blessed and turned around. Irrespective of the wounds and scars of battle that surrounds his history, this testimony standout that he was a pillar in God's Kingdom. He has done his part and lay down the swords at the master's feet, Either you say he did well or to you he's culprit of life he has done his part and finished his race. The remaining battle is now yours and mine. The baton is left for we that remains.
May God help us all that remains.
Pst Tayo I won't say rest in peace 'cos am so sure you are now at rest from the pain of this world, , the deceit of false brethren, arrows of disappointment, from the enslavement of the flesh.
You are now free, you are now in glory. Rejoice in your liberty as a Spirit of the just that is made perfect already.
Yetunde Omotosho
2013-07-06, 18:53
When I first met you in Nigeria, one of Destiny Sanctuary Conferences (RCCG), I vowed when I moved to the UK, no matter where I lived in London, I would become a member of your Church. In UK, it was so amazing that my parents house was just a 10 minutes walk to New Wine Church. 9 years later I have been transformed and encouraged through your teachings. You have taught me to maximise life and never settle for mediocrity. I still can't believe you are gone but I am comforted by God's word knowing you are resting with Jesus. Pastor Tayo, even in your death you are an inspiration to me, to run my race and finish well. I salute you for your obedience and I pray God's comfort over Lady J, your sons, family and New Wine Church. New Wine Church will go forward and we will finish well. Till we meet to part no more, continue to rest in our Lord's bosom, Good night father.
2013-07-06, 18:50
I'm still failing to understand why? But God knows, Pastor T I looked forward to every time the doors opened when you come into church and immediately we all realise that our Father is in the house. We could feel your love it was tangible, you have taught us well, we loved you Sir, we will still love and miss you , your legacy still lives on, we will 'Go forward' as God has given you that word for us. Love you Dad, Good night, see you on the other side.
2013-07-06, 18:47
Another great man of God has gone! I was just getting over my husband's death when I heard of your death. Your death came as a rude shock to me & my family. Pastor T, you were my mentor, my role model and I always admire your preaching & teaching. It is my prayer that our Lord will remember your labour in his vineyard & give you eternal rest. Amen
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