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Sid Bikor
2013-07-07, 15:55
You have fought a good fight. Finished YOUR race and laid for you is a crown of glory. Rest sir.
Imisioluwa Adedapo Kent
2013-07-07, 15:43
you have been a father to my family for over 22 years,wow what a legacy.R.I.P Pastor T
abla ghana
2013-07-07, 15:00
I have followed pastor tayo on citi fm for a while he has really been a great teacher and a source of inspiration to my family.this is unbelievable pastor T R.I.P.
sade ogundayo London
2013-07-07, 13:18
To be absent in d body is to be present with d Lord. Pastor T. Your remembrance, teachings, encouragement, motivation will continually be in our mind. Many of us are what we are today because of ur impact in our life. We love & appreciate you. May your soul rest in peace. Gud nite
abbie ,Essex
2013-07-07, 13:09
Well....it is appointed unto man to die.....he came, he saw and the rest is with God.RIP
Babatunde and Oluwatoyin Oduwole,London.
2013-07-07, 12:49
What a masterpiece of God Pastor Tayo was! An embodiment of the principles and workings of God.A great general.He served God to the point of death and never gave up in the face of it.Adieu Pastor Tayo Adeyemi! Rest in the bossom of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Ven Evangelist Femi Adeleye Celestial Church of Christ Edwards st (UK)
2013-07-07, 12:34
Philippians 1:3 - I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.
24 years ago this month you conducted my wedding service at Edward street (UK). Pastor Tayo, I was very proud of you.
May God bless your soul and be with your family.

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln
Sunday Leonard (Nairobi, Kenya)
2013-07-07, 12:33
Pastor Tayo... A General for the God's Kingdom. You are a blessing to many including me. A man of influence. A man of excellence. Rightly dividing the world of truth. A great teacher. We will miss you but we are guaranteed that you are in a better place. Your legacy will live on. Good Night Sir... God's General.
Babs Odus,London
2013-07-07, 12:32
Pastor Tayo Adeyemi was an epitome of excellence.A good fighter of faith.Rest in the bossom of the Lord Jesus Christ.
2013-07-07, 12:19
Since i started listening to Dr Tayo's teachings on Citi Fm in Ghana every Sunday, my life has never been the same again. Rest in perfect peace in the bossom of our heavenly father. Adieu.
evang. Emmanuel, port harcourt, rivers state. Nigeria
2013-07-07, 11:40
with gratitude to God for life well spent, a general, an influential personality, a leader, a pastor to all, well i give God praise, Oh who can replace this general that has just graduated from this school (earth), i believe their re still david over their in the inner room
Vicky Oso UK
2013-07-07, 11:33
Pastor Tayo I am very proud of you with the impacts you have made in the lives of so many of us. We celebrate your life, May your soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name and you will be missed. May the almighty father comfort your entire family: wife children and also the church amen. I really cherish the love you put among your members. Goodbye Pastor Tayo Adeyemi.
Selina Defor, Ghanaian, resident in France
2013-07-07, 11:08
Dr Tayo, you are gone to glory but your influence lives on forever!! we love you but God loves you more....May your soul rest in perfect peace. my profoud condolences to his family and the new wine family...
korede awogbindin
2013-07-07, 11:06
Blessed are the memory of the righteous. Pastor 'Tayo Good night.
rudy brann hanwell,w7 London
2013-07-07, 11:06
What a blessing to the Body of Christ- -we all miss him already and recognize that his ministry will continue for all time and to all generations.
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