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Naomi Oduwole,Thamesmead 4 Cell group,London.
2013-07-07, 20:25
Dear pastor tayo,you were handsome and smart.I love you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.Everyone misses you dearly.My church teacher told us that you were in heaven.You will come back.When you come back I will hug you very much.I like it when you are my shining pastor.You are my hero for the rest of my colourful life.Bye pastor tayo.
Philip, Accra, Ghana
2013-07-07, 20:24
He's been inspiring to me in all aspects of my life from spiritual to emotional, I can only say that Indeed, god blessed us with him. May he rest in Perfect Peace
tebogo hendrick makhubela UK
2013-07-07, 20:05
You are a true blessing to my life...... Heaven is where you are REST IN PEACE Pastor Tayo Adeyemi
Chris Osayiwu, UK
2013-07-07, 20:04
For years I listened to your weekday sermon on radio at about 6:18pm and it has always been a source of inspiration and strength for me. I am certain you are with the Lord and of course, your life continues without end. Rest in the peace of our Lord.
Nicki Olatunji, UK
2013-07-07, 19:13
You are probably the first teacher that opened up the bible to me in a way that changed my life forever. You were very instrumental in my spiritual journey, and you indeed had a beautiful gift. I want to say thank you for sharing ur gift with us. Your legacy lives on!!
2013-07-07, 18:57
I will not forget those days when I stayed glued to Citi fm,Ghana, every dawn of the week and Sunday morning listening to Pastor Tayo Adeyemi.He made a huge impact upon my life by his teaching.His voice and teaching always reverberated in my mind.Though I never met him personally but I loved him as a man and spiritual father.You would be sorely missed Pastor Tayo but would not be forgotten.Rest in the Peace of God,Pastor Tayo Adeyemi.
Steven Roberts
2013-07-07, 18:50
I only seen and heard this bother twice at a conference in Minneapolis,MN. However I can truly say that God used him to inspire me toward righteousness just as he has used him to touch the world according to his will. May his labor remain and come to full maturing in the lord and may his reward be great in heaven.
2013-07-07, 18:49
Thanks for being such a great blessing to our world!
Rest in peace Man of God.
We will really miss you and your ministry.
Bisi Ukott
2013-07-07, 17:49
May your soul rest in perfect peace, in the bosom of our loving father. May the good Lord preserve and protect all you have left behind. Sun re o .
Veronica Khamassah, Ghana
2013-07-07, 17:41
I was sad to hear the news on citi 97.3 about Pastor Tayo Adeyemi soul passing on, i was personaaly shocked. I will miss his messenges which have changed my life alot. My love and condolences to the beloved wife, family and the church. Pastor Tayo Adeyemi REST IN PEACE AMEN.
Gerald Nganga Twin Cities, MN U.S.
2013-07-07, 17:20
This is a sad moment for the world because you were true leader and a messenger who cannot be replaced but the messages you have left with us will continue... and also church will continue to grow. You will be missed. My love and condolences to the church, dearly wife and the family. RIP Amen!!
abiola agemoh
2013-07-07, 17:02
This is so sadden I know that Pastor Tayo went home to meet the father. And i pray that God will comfort all your family. my love and condolences to his dearly wife and children. Jesus will fill the gap.
gbenga from california
2013-07-07, 16:49
Heaven is rejoicing,another saint has gone home.Praise be the Lord
Beverley and Tobi; Abbey Wood
2013-07-07, 16:07
We were very sad to hear the news about Pastor Tayo's passing. Tobi and I attend his wedding in 2007 and today would have been his sixth wedding anniversary. I just wanted everyone to know that Pastor Tayo was a real visionary and a genuine Christian. He cared for and loved his flock; he was also humble and realistic. I personally learnt so much from him and even though my son and I no long attend NWC, I will always remember Pastor Tayo because he was there when I truly needed guidance. Our love and condolences to his beloved wife.
Steve & Velveta Thompson
2013-07-07, 15:57
So saddened to hear the news! What a great man who God used to reach so many people. We loved Dr Tayo dearly and will miss his powerful teaching. Our prayers are for the family and church at this time.
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