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Ibiyeye Seun, Lagos Nigeria
2013-07-08, 06:48
Pastor Tayo is a blessing to to the body of Christ! The series on parenting was an eye opener, like wise of great message. May God keep the family and the church left behind. In deed Pastor Tayo, came, saw and conquer. RIP Pastor Tayo!
Tola Rotimi
2013-07-08, 06:42
This was a shock to me bit the consolation is that HE (God)knows better. The few times i was under your ministration have been a blessing to my soul.
Debola Ogunba
2013-07-08, 02:22
I am very saddened and sorry for the loss of Dr. Tayo. He was our Pastor in the late 1990s and early 2000s when I lived in London. I would like to extend my sincere condolences to his family, particularly his wife who must be going through a really painful and overall difficult time. May God comfort you all. May you be comforted by the knowledge that Dr. Tayo lived and died a devoted Christian and lover of God who touched so many lives and whose place with God in eternity is secure, by His Grace. We do not understand why he had to depart so soon, but who is to question the will of God? Dr. Tayo, rest in peace. Debola, Ottawa, Canada.
Annet Kayongo from Minnesota
2013-07-08, 02:14
May The Lord heal the wounds of the family and strengthen them during this trying moment
Lydia Kayongo from Minnesota, USA
2013-07-08, 01:41
My prayers go to your family in such a sad period
Valentine, London
2013-07-08, 00:57
Pastor Tayo, no words can describe how your inspiring teachings changed my spiritual life. I first heard your teaching on Premier radio 5 years ago & then I immediatly knew I could no longer live a Godless life. You will always be my spiritual father, God's messenger and as you rest in peace we pray for the Holy spirit to console your family and your church. Until we meet again thank you for empowering me with the word of God and challenging me to be the best I can be. RIP
Gloria , Essex.
2013-07-07, 23:48
Dear Dr Tayo, Your Maximise Life Study On Premier Radio is a great strenght and inspiration to me. Rest in the Peace and Joy Of The Lord. May The Lord wipe away Tears From our eyes. Our thoughts and Prayers for your wife and children and loved ones.
Mrs Linda Abiodun, Kent
2013-07-07, 22:47
Pastor Tayo, it is exactly seven days today, since you made your transition into glory, but the pain and loss is still very fresh. You have been my pastor for just over 16 years now. I remember the first time that I visited Newwine church in 1996, you sent me a cassette tape in the post, titled "you are a finished work". That message blew me apart. Although I lived in Scotland at the time, a year later, I moved to London and started attending Newwine. You have preached so many more inspiring messages since then including "breaking power circles". That message changed my paradigm for ever..... You legacy will last forever, and this work will not diminish. You are a true epitome of someone who believed God with all you might right to the very end even in the face of affliction. Today, I am grateful that you answered the call of God on your life. see you in glory.
Eugene Glebo Appleton Micah Missions Philadelphia
2013-07-07, 22:30
Was so blessed by his radio broadcast when I was in Ghana,
Mrs Catherine Godwin , Glasgow
2013-07-07, 22:12
Pastor Tayo is a father, pastor, teacher and counsellor like no other. He led me to Christ on April 11th 2007 in New Wine church and since then my life has been blessed beyond measures. I remember speaking to him during the workers meeting in 2010 about my husband being a moslim and he said that if I love and respect my husband and continue to pray for him, that God's Will will be done in his own time. To the glory of God on New Year's eve 2011, my husband miraculously walked into New Wine church and gave his life to God during the alter call. Pastor Tayo ministry and teachings has changed my life forever and God is doing immense and great things in my family's life even after we relocated to Glasgow last year. On hearing this news I have cried and cried but also I am consoled by the numerous lives that the ministry of Pastor Tayo has touched in every positive way and I strongly believe that God is about to do greater and mightier things in the ministry of New Wine Church both in London and Internationally.
Sleep well Pastor until we meet with singing and dancing in the bosom of our great God and King. RIP
The King's Daughter
2013-07-07, 21:36

My dear Pastor Tayo, your life was Exemplary, You were a genius, a Celebrated General, a rare Gem. You never settled for less. You did your bit and you did it very well. You soared higher and higher ,redeeming your time for the days are evil. it even appeared that you were in a hurry to finish the Assignment, little did we know that you had a premonition .Weldone to you, a great foundation has been laid so with New Wine, it can only get better.
Sis Jay, you suffered long. Thank you for all you did, you may feel naked and lonely now but God will not leave nor forsake you. Joy withered is a harvest withered. Draw strength from his comforting words. This is that stranger that appeared to you in the Hospital to pray with you and energise your faith b4 the warrior passed on. It shall be well with you.
Pastor Tayo, you will be greatly missed by the Community you imparted and impacted, by Christendom, by New Winers and by me.
Sleep on beloveth!!!
Kingsley Kormla Elikem Mortey
2013-07-07, 21:32
Rev God Keep you well for us, the short time you stayed with us was so much like many more years. I still cannot believe you gone to the father to rest. Rev rest in Perfect Peace.
Passtor Foday Lansana Wisdom Sanctuary
2013-07-07, 21:27
"He was a century skipper; the sweet presence of a good diffused". Our hearts bleed for this loss that has left an un-fillable void in our lives. Pastor Tayo was a rare breed, a spiritual giant the good Lord used to bless the human race. I am forever profoundly grateful to Almighty God for the blessing of knowing this choice servant of His, a remarkable seed sower and a striking example of sagacious scholarship More blessed am I that God used him to chart my course in ministry, having got saved in New Wine in 2000. He will remain my Spiritual Father of whom I am inordinately proud to have been associated. The fixture of his love for the body of Christ and the depth of wisdom and revelation he was endowed with will be etched in our consciousness and memory.Today we Celebrate his life in the earth as a seed of immortality. Our hearts are full of sadness, yet at the same time of joyful hope and profound gratitude for the legacy he has left will be indelibly planted on the sands of time and may the good Lord be glorified for He has given and has taken away, Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Uche Obasohan
2013-07-07, 20:53
RIP Dr Tayo Adeyemi. It's so sad that you are gone. Seems so unreal . We can't question God and I am grateful for the impact you made in my life during your time here with us. I was extremely blessed by your teachings. You were a man of excellence. Your job here was done and God wanted you home. The devil has lost and you can finally rest. Goodbye for now Pastor Tayo..
Stephen Adase,Accra Ghana
2013-07-07, 20:49
You were a blessing to me and my family.We do not miss your Sunday messages on Citifm.On tweeter ,I keenly follow you.Rest in The Lord .May what you stood for throughout your life on earth live on .
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