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2013-07-08, 17:59
May the good Lord who you served so dutifully watch over those left behind, rest dearly beloved
Gideon Adeoye
2013-07-08, 17:07
I'll always remember that night i first listened to your teaching in Lagos at the Daystar church. I Learnt about Greatness like never before and those teachings are still with me.
Rest in the LORD beloved man of God. You have made contribution that can never be erased!
The LORD be with your Family and the church.
Isabelle Amarachi Ugochukwu (Very Proud Member of New Wine Church London)
2013-07-08, 16:34
"Maximize your life!.......
Be who God created you to be...
Be sensational and be phenomenal....
Do what God intended you to do.........
Live life the way God intended you to.....
For heaven's sake, be somebody!..............
Discover, develop and deploy the gifts that God has given to you.....
Teach the word with boldness, with precision and with accuracy......

Do something great! And PUT YOUR NAME ON IT"

Pastor Dr Adetayo Adetokumbo Michael Adeyemi (2011)

Pastor Tayo,

Thank you for saying yes to God for in doing so He created through you fertile soil in which I was planted and grew to bear fruit that lasts. Thank you for saying yes to God because in doing so you gave Him space to rescue and heal a fragile, broken and wounded young woman, lost and without an identity. Thank you for saying yes to God – without your obedience I would still be living in and overwhelmed by my past and my mistakes, and I would be no one today! You always used to say that you fought with God for years before accepting His call. But you know, it doesn’t matter that it took you all those years to answer God’s call on your life, this tribute page testifies that you did it just in time!

Because of you, I am now in a place where I am no longer afraid to commit in a limitless way to our limitless God, in a love-full way to our love-full house and without inhibition to the furthering of the cause of the greatest Kingdom without walls. And so I will be a great servant to God and to the leadership of our house to whom you clothed over with the mantle. I will live out the covenant I took that day when I became a member and wept at the miracle of belonging in love again, and I will seek to make God's name great on this earth, to stand honourably on those giant shoulders of yours and not to dwell there in remembrance of you. When I have mourned your loss, I will launch again to fly and soar! And when people ask me how I got so much influence so young in life, I will tell them about God, about my Godly parental heritage, about the greatest church family I know and about the man who not only said yes to God and taught me that 24 was not too young to start having dominion over the mountains of the world, but who showed me the exact ‘HOW TO’. How to be excellent, how to rise, how to rule, how to run, how to reign, how to take my five loaves and two fishes to God for miraculous multiplication, how to live in that miraculous realm permanently, how to have dominion there and how to keep myself humble and God first through it all.

I got a new job as the Head of Project Delivery, part of the Executive Leadership Team at a city firm this year, a whole ten years younger than the next person in the same position. This would not have been possible had I have been in any other church. I have discovered, developed and deployed in Christ since I have been at New Wine Church these last three years in a phenomenal way and I know you would be so proud of me  (and btw – I have no intention of slowing that down)!

I won't let God down Pastor. I promise you! The last three years will be the preceding level set. And I promise you that I will never allow myself to achieve less in any three year period than I did under your tutelage these last three years. I will be great! And I will mark my name on this earth in an even greater way than you did, just like you instructed me to!

I'm going to miss you Pastor Tayo, but you told us to so we Go Forward. You laid your life down as a seed which will never be wasted so we will proceed on the sacrifice of your life and by the time we next see, the seed of your heart will be a rainforest of souls saved, on the mountains, bringing the mind, heart and rule of Christ and influencing the earth.

Enjoy the rest you have so well deserved and I’ll see you when I’m done.

I love you, forever.
Your Faith-full Daughter
Pastor Kelvin Starr
2013-07-08, 16:31
A great man of God who made a significant impact on the church in Bristol, UK
Gbenga Famuyiwa - Qatar
2013-07-08, 16:05
You are a great Pastor to your congregations and the world at large. Surely you will be greatly missed. Adieu
Ben, London
2013-07-08, 14:56
I have never seen you or been into your church before but I have listened to you many times on TV. I simply love your ministry and the church...just don't know why. This is really sad but we don't grieve as people without hope. You are truly a great man of God and have great following....Rest in His bosom Bishop.
Samantha, London
2013-07-08, 14:54
You were a great man of God Pastor Tayo, my condolences to his wife and children. RIP Pastor.
Samantha, London
2013-07-08, 14:52
You were a great and inspirational leader Pastor Tayo, you will be greatly missed, RIP.
Kofoworola John Aroso, Ogun State, Nigeria
2013-07-08, 13:11
Pastor T, the news of your passing on came to me as a shock But I will forever be grateful to God for your life & ministry which has brought a DIVINE SIMPLIFIED REVELATIONAL TEACHINGS into my life through your website & the TV. I condole with the family & church at this time & hope to see you in morning of Resurrection, Amen. Sleep On Pastor T! You are missed.
Pastor Cynthia Dickson, London
2013-07-08, 12:42
A Life well spent while here on earth.Rest in peace Pastor Tayo. We pray for the family and entir members of New Wine Church
Kemi Akinniyi, Kingston
2013-07-08, 11:50
Pastor Tayo, you will be greatly missed by all. You have touched so many lives and you have been as the hand of God on earth, teaching, inspiring, being a great leader and a friendly father. Your reward in heaven is great! Well done, now enjoy your place at home in heaven. May the Lord comfort the church, your family and all those that you have reached. WE WILL BE STRONG TOGETHER BECAUSE WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS, GREATER IS HE IN US THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD.
Ade, London
2013-07-08, 11:14
Pastor Tayo, you truly made an impact while you were on God's earth. I pray that God will grant you rest with Him in heaven. For those who you've left behind, may God comfort & console them and may the good work you started continue unto greater heights.
Sarah Lasisi, Nigeria
2013-07-08, 10:07
my heart goes out to his family a the church at this time. i don't know how many times that God has used this man to bless my life through his teachings. i cannot cry more than the bereaved but i hope my words of comfort to them to take heart and allow the holy spirit replace their tears with peace. He will do it because he is the great comforter and can console as no human can. God bless the church of God resident in the new wine church as well. in Jesus name. Amen
Regina Ohui Quaye
2013-07-08, 09:32
Condolences to his wife and three sons, however they should hope in God that he is sleeping in the Lord. Let's rather endeavour in the work God has given to those of us left behind and finish it. We will meet him soon and is very soon.
Israel Akumiah, Ghana
2013-07-08, 08:54
What we have once enjoyed we can never lose... All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. ~Helen Keller
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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