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Hope Muse Nigeria
2013-07-09, 20:22
Blessed be to the name of the lord He give and take away what else can we say God knows
Fatombi Raoul Novares (GHANA)
2013-07-09, 20:14
What a shock, truly deprived of the right words...DADDY, may you rest in perfect peace, My heart felt condolences to the entire NEW WINE CHURCH and the FAMILY as well
Alli balogun
2013-07-09, 17:15
Good night my mentor
alale Daniel Ghana
2013-07-09, 16:57
am very sadden , by the passing on of my father,mentor,advice,teacher that god give to me on earth.so who is me to question him for taken him back. he knows best , thank you for the life live on earth.i will really miss you, you made me understand the word with clarity of thought.your teachings on finances, relationship,wisdom,attitude etc. may your soul rest in perfect peace till we meet again
Mr. Oladipo Olumoye Samuel, Ibadan Nigeria
2013-07-09, 16:54
The news of your passing away came to me as a rude shock. How could the life of a man with such a great influence to our world be cut short in his prime. Only God knows why! Your death will forever remain indelible in my memory My only consolation is that we shall meet again to part no more. Pastor Tayo, live on forever. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace
Apostle Peter & Prophetess Gina Joseph London
2013-07-09, 16:14
We pay tribute to man who was inspired by God to inspire others.The Kingdom of God has lost a mighty man of valour.May his soul rest in eternal bliss.
dele Oshinibosi ,Kent ,UK
2013-07-09, 16:10
we will surely miss you on Planet , thank you for preaching the word of our lord with clarity and understanding . I pray the Holy Spirit comfort your family and church members . Yours in Christ Jesus
Oshinibosi and Family , Marburg , Germany
2013-07-09, 16:08
we will surely miss you on Planet , thank you for preaching the word of our lord with clarity and understanding . I pray God comform your family and church members
Chalya PM, Jos Nigeria
2013-07-09, 15:50
He was always vibrant with his message - his passion for using the word to impact lives would never be diminished by his death. I believe he's in a better & glorious place now. May the Spirit of Comfort grant solace to his family, loved ones & his ministry. Till we meet in heaven
Toye Apampa
2013-07-09, 14:04
I will always remember "Arise and shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you" YES!!! Thank you for standing strong so others could. You will not be forgotten. Rest in peace till we all meet again.
Yinka, Abuja, Nigeria.
2013-07-09, 13:34
No doubt Dr Adeyemi was one of a kind. He'd be greatly missed but never forgotten. RIP Sir!
Theresa Mavis Seddoh, Tema- Ghana west Africa
2013-07-09, 13:19
I'll always remember the first time i listened to Dr. Tayo( Maximize life program) on City Fm, one Sunday morning whiles i was preparing for church service since then His teachings has impacted my life and i thank God for a life well lived for our Lord Jesus Christ!!!! Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord, Dr. Tayo, and we take consolation in the truth that we will meet again!!!! when the trumpet sounds!!!
Rev. Larry & Helen Ruth Dorkenoo
2013-07-09, 12:45
A truly significant man of God he has been. When he first came on the scene, his New Wine church caught our notice with the flamboyancy and excellence of his print magazine then. That impression has stayed with us. Christendom has lost a great and an illustrious leader. Farewell!!!
Orakle Obarotimi
2013-07-09, 12:37
To say I lost a father is an underestimation... I am privileged to call you both my Father and Mentor.... You took me in when I wanted to be alone and showed me that there was love in the house of God and also in your heart for everyone that met you.. You allowed me to be myself until I grew into who God wanted men to be...Thank you.
All through my teenage yrs and coloured hair and Hi-tops You loved me and kept on teaching me what was right... You told me to use the gift God gave me for his glory...Thank you..
There are too many memories to share and too many examples to give..... I love you and will miss you more than I can ever say..... But I remember my last word to you was Thank you and it is still Thank you ..

Rest in the arms of our saviour Jesus till we meet again.
your son always.
Ijante, London, Uk Member of the Body of Christ
2013-07-09, 12:28
I need to say how much Pastor Tayo Adeyemi impacted my life by several of the messages he preached over the years. Some of these messages took me through some difficult times I have faced and will remain with me forever. I have visited New Wine on several occasions over the years, and have always been struck by the spirit of excellence that stemmed from Pastor Tayo's leadership. His legacy will, without doubt, live on and I pray that the God of All Comfort will heal the hearts of his friends, family and church members.
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