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Dr Peter Kweka-Tanzania
2013-07-10, 10:59
I realy gonna miss you...let your spirit keep on reminding us your teachings,may your soul R.I.P in the name of Jesus Christ.Amen &Amen
2013-07-10, 10:53
Pastor Tayo has been a blessing to me and my family.we hardly miss his broadcast,his messages have really impacted our lives.The message LET THE HEALING BEGIN will forever be fresh in my mind.Pastor we will miss you,but we take consolation in the fact that you impacted many lives.We are also awaken to do more for the lord as long as we have life,for we know not when you will come or call us.Pastor we love,we love you,Yes we love you,REST IN THE BOSOM OF CHRIST.IT'S WELL
Folakemi Omotade
2013-07-10, 08:11
Pastor Tayo, you were a blessing to me and my family, your teachings, sermons, jokes, prayers , love and care for the entire church , will be greatly missed. You were a rare gem, one in a trillion, Rest in peace Our General. We know that we will see you someday, so its goodnight and not goodbye. My prayers for the entire family, Lady J, it is well.
Adedayo Akomolafe, Lagos, Nigeria
2013-07-10, 07:40
What a life well spent in the service of the Lord? You have touch many life, the world will miss you and I will greatly miss you and your impactful message I enjoy every Sunday. Rest in the bossom of Jesus Dr. Adeyemi
Lagos, Nigeria
2013-07-10, 07:36
You have touched many life with your message of hope and salvation. The world will miss you and I will miss you very much because I enjoy every Sunday your impactful ministration. Rest in the bossom of the Lord Dr. Adeyemi
Jane David..Dar es Salaam Tanzania
2013-07-10, 06:42
We gonna Miss you..May you Soul Rest in Piece in Jesus name. Amen
Keji Giwa, Career Insights, London
2013-07-10, 03:46
You have finished the race. You came to help people discover, develop and deploy. I am certainly a product of your teachings and faithfulness to the calling placed upon you. Your legacy will live on not only in this life time but for generations to come and eternally appreciated by all who have been blessed by yourself.

Thank you so much Pastor for being such an inspiration and point of direction when it comes to integrity, discipline and living a purpose driven life.

The race is finished and it's time to enjoy the works of your hand with Christ our Lord and saviour. Rest and enjoy in peace.
Emmanuel Ekwere-Canada
2013-07-10, 03:44
Wow! What a life. I have been a recipient of Dr Adeyemi's impactful life and ministry and I have blessed. This was a true general of God's end time army. Rest in peace sir!
Kunle - Maryland
2013-07-10, 02:29
The world has lost another great giant in the Kingdom to the other side. Dr. Tayo fought a good fight, made an impact that last in time and eternity. Shalom!
2013-07-10, 01:08
oh baba rest in peace...
Gbenga Omotayo- New York
2013-07-09, 23:38
You once said your epitaph should be 'I died Empty' and you sure did. The three years of mentorship you gave me helped shaped my life to what it is today; Your God- inspired words were the fabrics upon which i discovered my life purpose. Thank you, you sure left your imprints in the sands of time.
Gbenga Omotayo- New York
2013-07-09, 23:38
You once said your epitaph should be 'I died Empty' and you sure did. The three years of mentorship you gave me helped shaped my life to what it is today; Your God- inspired words were the fabrics upon which i discovered my life purpose. Thank you, you sure left your imprints in the sands of time.
Toyin Adetunji. New Wine Chuch
2013-07-09, 22:29
Dear Pastor T,
I have gone through several emotions in the last few days since your passing into glory; hurt, anger, sadness and a host of others. It still hurts but I take comfort in God’s word, that’s what you will expect us to do. You have taught us the undiluted word of God. You have been a blessing to me and my entire family. My children in their young age have benefitted from your ministry and love you dearly. My daughter at the age of five heard you preach on ‘Anointing of Ease’ the sermon was so relevant and simple that a few days later she laid hands on her younger brother declaring the anointing of ease from his discomfort, just because she heard you preach it in church. Pastor T, you impacted a generation
I am quoting an excerpt from the vision you shared with us at one of the last workers meeting you attended;
“The church I see is an Apostolic Governing Centre – a church that accepts spiritual responsibility for its community, society and nation. It's a church that settles social and political issues in prayer; and is not afraid to speak out boldly against social ills and injustices. The church I see is one of tremendous influence, whose leaders are regularly consulted by government on issues of policy before major decisions are made.
The church I see is a church of excellence, radiating the beauty and glory of God in the physical as well as the spiritual. It's a church whose facilities are resplendent and breath-taking – reflecting the beauty of the very heaven she represents.
The church I see is a church on the cutting edge, taking full advantage of technology and blazing new trails for the secular world to tread in. It's a church that utilises every possible means to proclaim the saving message of the gospel to the ends of the earth.”
Pastor Tayo, this is the church God has built through you, and we will keep the work going, we are going forward, no going back, no looking back and no turning back.
Like my dear friend said about you ‘we had an angel in our midst and we didn’t even know it’
Goodnight Pastor T, you will forever be in our hearts.
A.O. New Wine Church Member
2013-07-09, 21:39
Pastor Tayo, your departure is as a bitter pill that I have tried to swallow for seven days but I can still not get down my throat. It is so difficult to accept the fact that we won’t be seeing you again on this side of life. We should be celebrating your life but every now and then, I can’t stop shedding tears.
HE that sitteth in the heavens (God) must have laughed several times that I have sat in church, looking through those double doors and trusting that you will soon walk in when you have been made whole. I have now stopped asking God, 'why did you have to go’? I have accepted that there might not be an answer until we get to heaven.
Pastor Tayo, I look into the past and I now realised that you have actually prepared us for these times; it's a shame that our minds could not comprehend that you were rounding things up then. We will carry on and run with the vision, we trust God to help us develop into 'that church that you saw'.
You are a 'saint' not because you were flawless but because God's grace overshadowed your weakness. You have fought a good fight; you emptied yourself of all that the heavens deposited in you before bidding this earth farewell, so you deserve your rest. Sleep on brave and gentle soldier, until we meet at the feet of the most high, where all tears will be wiped away. We will always miss you.
Mary, New Wine Member
2013-07-09, 21:08
Pastor Tayo - a mighty man of God; a learned man, a man of wisdom and vision. A faithful minister of God’s Word. Like many others I was drawn by his anointed ministry. His teachings were always powerful, on the mark, challenging and inspirational. He was in touch on both a spiritual level and on a ‘people’ level; and I fell privileged to have sat, learned and grown under his ministry. We have lost a great man of God; and although we mourn, we know Pastor T is going to a better place – he’s going home to be with our heavenly Father; and for that we rejoice, along with all the heavenly hosts.
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