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isi odalo-kruse
2013-07-11, 20:56
oh, ohoooooooo my beloved pastor, rest in perfect peace. i hope to see you again some day. Thank you very much for those words of encouragement and powerful teachings. i miss you dearly. i love you.
Esaaba Danful, Ghana
2013-07-11, 20:37
you came, you lived and you conquered. You are part of whom i am today. You messages have been more than a blessing to me. I needed you to stay so you could give more of your messages but God needed you more. Thank God for your life and ministry. May the Almighty grant you eternal rest.
Paul Akingbade. London
2013-07-11, 19:53
You came, and you conquered, God grace and strength to all the family member you left behind. Rest in peace. We love you.
Francis and family
2013-07-11, 19:11
Pastor Tayo, We will always miss you but we will always remember the words you taught us. May your soul rest in internal peace.
2013-07-11, 16:32
I received the news with a heavy heart,but find solace in God that His son has gone to rest.Dr Tayo was such a truth speaking servant of GOD.
Michael Bamidele Ebonyi State ,Abakaliki Nigeria
2013-07-11, 15:30
Am not yet believe that Pastor Adeyemi will go soon ,this is a lost to this generation.
V.O. Akinnagbe ( Lagos, Nigeria)
2013-07-11, 14:18
Am Still in Shock. An Hero Has gone (to receive the crown of Glory).
2013-07-11, 12:25
So sad to know a geat man of God like Bishop Tayo has passed on to be with our Lord. Glory be to God for a life spent in gratitude and service to to God and Mankind.
May his Soul rest in perfect peace.
Brother Sunday Abhulimhen
2013-07-11, 12:20
It was wo sad to learn that Bishop Tayo Has gone to be with the Lord leaving us unexpected. We should all give Glory to God Almighty for he knew best for him. I hope we all will be together in God,s timing to celebrate the marriage and entronement of the King of Kings.

Bro. Sunday Abhulimhen
Christopher Agboma
2013-07-11, 11:52
Death of debt we all must pay..................................... Rest in Peace.
Femi Ogunlana (Lagos, Nigeria)
2013-07-11, 10:35
Dr Tayo Adeyemi, your death, though a shock to us, but you’ve left a legacy for us. Thank God you obeyed the Lord at the time you did; the likes of me would not have known the Lord. You have gone to receive the crown the Lord has prepared for you.
Bolaji Sijuade
2013-07-11, 10:23
You tuly impacted my life and I will always thank God for it, sleep tight beloved Pastor until we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus
Soska Forbes
2013-07-11, 09:59
Am Still numb ! What a blow to us all !! Spending those precious moments last year with you and Sis. Joke remain treasureable. I am grateful God gave me that vintage opportunity. Am watching you Sir, twice daily, on INSP, here in The Gambia. - and for me, u are still here !! Grace to you Lady J, the boys, the Adeyemi Family, Pastor Michael, Tony, and all in New Wine !! IT IS WELL !,
hotor foster, Ghana
2013-07-11, 09:45
l am really sad on hearing the death of a mentor and a father, a man l prayed l would meet one day. But praise be to God, Ps Tayor came, he saw and he conquered. may his soul rest in peace
Adediran G.
2013-07-11, 09:10
As the Lord upheld Dr Tayo Adeyemi to the end, may He uphold the entire family. Though your demise came at a time we did not expect but we have several reasons to say thank you Lord for a well spent life in the Lord, worked and labored to the end.Sleep on in the bosom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
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