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Rev. R.R. Fajimi -Dagenham
2013-07-16, 14:04
I thank God for pastor tayo's life, who came, saw and conquered. I seize this opportunity to pray that God will grant the family, church and the entire close friends the heart to bear the loss. On that glorious morning, we shall meet at the feet of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
2013-07-16, 13:47
Name and Location
2013-07-16, 12:49
Bill Barlay 0rpington-Kent, UK
2013-07-16, 12:48
Pastor Tayo..a true blessing to the body of Christ & Humanity..may God continue to take good care of his family..and may the New Wine Ministries continue to grow from victory to victory in Christ.Well done!Farewell!
Debo Oluwatuminu
2013-07-16, 10:23
Heartfelt condolences to the family, the church and close friends. We mourn his loss, but celebrate his promotion...
Tony Ugochukwu & Family, London
2013-07-15, 22:30
Pastor Tayo, we are yet to recover from the shock of your passing on but we rejoice in the privilege of being taught by you. My life and that of my family have been transformed by your teachings. Thank you for allowing God to use you to impact on us. You were man of great influence and Godly insight. We promise to continue from where you stopped. We look forward to the day we will see you again. Adieu my great pastor.
Obinna N, Wellesden Green, London, UK
2013-07-15, 20:58
Fantastic man of God preacher. His preaching about talents always something I will never forget as it revolutionized my entire empowered by the power of God's Word.
Niyi & Sade Murele - Life Building Centre, London
2013-07-15, 20:48
A very painful loss to the body of Christ. Only God knows. Adieu till we meet again at His feet.
Theresa Njakayaka
2013-07-15, 19:01
Dr. Tayo, you made such an impact upon my life for almost five years of my life at New Wine Church. Even though i'd moved out of London, i still considered myself a member of new wine church because your ministry blessed me so much. My heart heart grieves for you my father, my brother in christ, you were excellent in your service for the Lord. Rest in eternal peace until we meet again....
Karl Chapman
2013-07-15, 17:36
RIP Dr Tayo Adeyemi you were such an inspirational teacher
Chukwunedu Lagos
2013-07-15, 17:36
May the Good Lord keep what He has built through you the church and your family, you are and were a blessing to me, i pray you rest in perfect peace, you always be remembered.
Jo Modder
2013-07-15, 09:30
Dear Tayo, God has you safe in His hand. Rest in peace
Alison Nelson, Custom House Baptist Church, London
2013-07-15, 08:38
Pastor Tayo, You ran the race and finished the course. Rest in Peace. Your teaching, wisdom and impartation of the living word always clear and without compromise - a legacy that will live on and impact many more lives to The Glory of Our Saviour. A Blessing and growth to my own spiritual life. May The Good Lord sustain your immediate family and church family with His Wisdom, Love and Peace during this sad time.
Revd Ngozi
2013-07-14, 23:49
I would just like to praise God for His grace upon a great soldier of Christ. Christendom has lost many gr8 devoted men and women of God whom I cannot begin to mention as the space isn't enough. I didn't know Dr Tayo Adeyemi personally, but I only remember many years ago when I attended New Wine Church when the location was in a different location from the present address. I noticed a man with a benevolent spirit, so calm and at peace with all the workers in the church. I must admit that I did feel a serene presence of stillness and peace. Thank you, Lord for a wonderful angel who came, saw and conquered. The reason why I emphasised this fact is that a few men and women of God do not bear the real passion for Christ. I am not perfect myself, but God is training me daily. We need real lovers of Christ. This isn't the real time and place, please pardon me. My sincere prayers go out to the First Lady Adeyemi and the children whom I know shall be in comfort of the Holy Spirit. I'm so sorry that you are all so young to bear the pain. But: ".. Death where is thy sting". Rejoice because heaven rejoices when a saved soul died even moreso! Be happy and continue to dwell in His secret place. That's the best place to be always. He is awesome, forgiving, previous, loving and also fulfilling... Rip Soldier of God! God bless you all who are in Christ and working for salvation of the lost. Your reward is in heaven..,
fredah Grey
2013-07-14, 21:45
Pastor Tayo, every time I saw you walk to the podium to lead the congregation in worship, tears rolled down my face because you reminded me so much of my late father. Your preaching transformed my life. Your eloquence, excellence and commitment to preaching Gods message of salvation and serving mankind deserves commendation. You were truly Gods servant and a my own spiritual father. New wine will never be the same without you but you did well to groom the man of God, Pastor Michael who has kept the flame burning for the Lord. Pastor Michaels message after your death made it easier to accept that God does His will and we are not to question His ways. Rest in heavenly peace 'daddy', for you indeed ran a good race and fought a good fight of faith. Hamba kahle
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