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Gabriel Amalega
2013-07-17, 11:36
Dr Tayo, your light still shines!
Rest in peace Sir!
Love Gabriel
James Pelemo
2013-07-17, 11:34
Dr Tayo, I have never met you but your tapes, articles and your oratory capacity have greatly influenced me. You were a man of excellence, integrity and discipline. Dr, your followers are missing you, I love you. May your gentle soul rest in peace.
Ola Oriola
2013-07-17, 11:32
Dr Tayo, your coming to life was a gift from God. You indeed fought a good fight. I have no doubt a crown of glory awaits you. Rest in the bosom of your Lord Jesus. Sweet home.
Vincent Abdul, London
2013-07-17, 11:32
Dear Pastor Tayo, the Family and the New Wine Church family. Our hearts and prayers go out to you all. Pastor Tayo's ministry has always been a great blessing. Always stretching, always challenging, always confronting. The result is edification and upward movement in Christ. My prayer is that your legacy will stand fast. May the Lord Jesus, for whom you lived and served all these years, receive you into Everlasting Honour; may He continue to faithfully comfort and watch over all those you leave behind. May we meet in joy in Glory in the time to come.
Brother Dickson (C.I.A Lagos)
2013-07-17, 11:29
Dr Tayo Adeyemi you have imparted lives, souls were converted under your ministration. May your gentle soul rest in peace – Amen
Pastor & Mrs Jude Amalega
2013-07-17, 11:28
Dr Tayo Adeyemi, for you to live is of Christ and to die, a wondrous gain.
Till we meet in eternity.
Femi Ogunlana
2013-07-17, 11:25
Dr Tayo Adeyemi, your death, though a shock to us, but you’ve left a legacy for us. Thank God you obeyed the Lord at the time you did; the likes of me would not have known the Lord. You have gone to receive the crown the Lord has prepared for you.
From children of Thamesmead 9 cell group
2013-07-17, 10:20
I am very proud of Pastor Tayo, he was a very special man and he has been a blessing in my life. May you rest in peace.
Pastor Tayo was an inspiration to me and he will always be in my heart, as he taught me a lot about God and I am very grateful.
We were blessed to have received your ministry, you were an inspirational leader who has taught us to be the best we can be and we will continue to GO Forward. We send our heartfelt condolences to all the family.
Greenwich Inclusion Project
2013-07-17, 08:34
from all of us at GrIP we would like to offer our deepest and most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Pastor TayoAdeyemi and to the congregation of New Wine Church., colleagues
Tosan (Lagos, Nigeria)
2013-07-17, 07:59
"give me capacity for my opportunity...", I can clearly remember these your words. May the Lord reward your generations.
Daniel Adzraku, Ghana
2013-07-17, 06:53
Rest in the bosom of the Lord, Pastor.Your works will live on!
2013-07-16, 21:06
A pastor has gone to be with the chief pastor. Rest on my wonderful pastor
Archbishop J. P. Hackman (Beneficial Veracious Christ Church)
2013-07-16, 19:30
what a loss to the church universal. A great man, and dynamic soldier has died in action. Though Rev. Tayo lived but for a short time, he accomplished a lot. May you rest in peace.
Christy Ugochukwu, Lagos
2013-07-16, 17:03
I am great listener of Doctor Tayo in TBN. I love his messages full of wisdom. His death is a shock to me. We give thanks to God why he chose to call him home now for eternal rest. May God grant the wife, children and the entire New Wine Church the heart to bear the irreparable loss.
Erhi , London
2013-07-16, 15:53
What a shock to hear of Pastor Tayo's passing .I would attend New Wine during Easter and at Watchnight and listened to Pastor Tayo on Premier radio daily.He build a great ministry and his messages are full of wisdom,may the holy spirit comfort his family .
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