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Helen, Brighton
2013-07-19, 03:37
I came to New Wine during my time at University. The teaching I received from Dr Tayo made me see the word of God come to life. I thank God for your life and the ministry you started, God be with your family and New Wine Church.
Dcn Adesina Abiola,Nigeria
2013-07-19, 01:27
Dr Tayo, a rare gift in the body of Christ.He teaches the message of liberation with apostolic passion devoid of manipulation.Your messages and impact on us is forever.
samuel hosni hassan
2013-07-18, 20:36
frist i jus wanted to say a big thank you your best father who has been a positive role made in my life when i have faced my chanellges in life and dealing with not have a my own father and not knbowing who he has and also not believing in myself through life problem i.e education but i had to say cause of my father pastor tayo he gave me hope and now am the man he made me t o be with a learning disabilites that garduate from university with a degree in psychology with a 2:2 so from your son samuel hosni hassan just want to say thank and love you loads and i will miss u
samuel hassan
2013-07-18, 20:24
this is a peom which i would want to share on my love for my father Dr Tayo Adeyemi which the poem called To The Best Father Ever,To the best Father ever
We your children stand
Forever by Your side now
And wish to lend our hand

Though we fall far short most times
Of Your expectations
You pick us up and dust us off
Then show us Your creations

While we slip and fall along
You have set The Way
With the path that we should follow
Each and every day

And so it is our Dear Father
We wish to thank You so
For being there when needed
Helping us to grow

With Love,
Your children
Pastor Eddie Ngonelo -South Africa
2013-07-18, 18:12
May God heal Dr Tayo's wife , children, family and the entire New wine Church family. You were a genuine gift to the kingdom of God. Your teachings touched innumerable people all over the world. You certainly have left an indelible mark on my heart. Rest in peace as you await that trumpet sound we so much hear about
I thank God for allowing us to glean from you over all these years. You have been a pioneer, trendsetter and visionary for the body of Christ.
Seun Olatoye, Lagos, Nigeria
2013-07-18, 15:25
The measure of man's life is not in the duration but the donation. I believed you fought a good fight, finished the race and kept the faith. You have joined the cloud of witnesses beholding us as we continue the race. I bless the Lord for an impactful life you lived. We'll understand better when we all get there. See you on that day!
Emmanuel Othe
2013-07-18, 14:12
Great men don't die as their works live after them to Impact generations. Thank you for saying yes to the Lord and I am grateful to God for your obedience. I am one of those you have touched immensely. We will carry on from here. We will miss you. Adieu Dr Tayo!
Bisi Odetunde
2013-07-18, 11:49
We will miss you indeed but we know you are having a ball in heaven, resting and full of joy now.
Chris Johnson- London
2013-07-17, 14:10
I was born again ten years ago this month at New Wine's Youth Rally 2003 and I have never looked back. I thank God that such a great church with such an anointed Pastor is only ten minutes away from my home. You taught me so much over the last ten years and my life took a different route under your teaching. I know that there is nothing to difficult for me because I am a child of God so I dream big and believe big because God has big things in store for me. The blessing, favour and anointing upon my life by being affiliated with your ministry will last a life time; generations of my family after will be blessed as a result of your teachings over the last ten years. I thank God for your life and New wine church will continue to grow and grow united we stand divided we fall. Rest in Peace Pastor Tayo.
Pastor Jide Paul
2013-07-17, 12:07
Beloved Dr Tayo Adeyemi, it feels good to know we are a part of your moving generation. Your impart in our lives and generation will not be forgotten in a hurry but will live long in our memory.
Sleep well in the bosom of the Lord thou great general.
Oluseun Adegbuiyi
2013-07-17, 12:00
We thank God for a life well spent and the good things you imparted on people's lives.
Your good deeds live on.
Kenny Folarin
2013-07-17, 11:56
You lived an impartful life, you are God's general and mighty man in God's hands. World class teacher, you imparted me greatly. Thank you for coming and being a great blessing to our world.
Ayo Omole
2013-07-17, 11:44
You live long in our memory.
Rest in peace.
Pastor Wale Eniafe
2013-07-17, 11:41
Dr Tayo, I thank God for the life you lived – short though but you have imparted lives. I met you in Abeokuta (Ogun Poly – now Moshood Abiola Polytechnic) in those days of A/Levels; then again, during the NYSC.
You were our coordinator for Gwagwalada/Kwali/Abaji Zone and the impact made can’t be forgotten. Can’t also forget in a hurry, the City Wide you co-chaired with Pastor Ogunkanmi in 1989 with Bishop Wale Oke as our Guest Minister.
You live long in our memory.

Your Friend/President
Pastor Wale Eniafe
Chris Ageh
2013-07-17, 11:39
Dr Tayo, I met you during the Next Level Conference somewhere around Ikeja – that was the meeting that changed my life and connected me with the ministry that was given to you by God. Thank you for imparting my life with the word of God given to you. Very soon, we will meet that I may personally say to you “thank you”
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